Zhang Linpeng suspended the country foot Gao Hongbo should do more tight defensive battle ready-魔界骑士イングリッド

Zhang Linpeng suspended the country foot Gao Hongbo should do more tight defensive battle to battle the Orangemen Orangemen face away to Uzbekistan, defenders can hold? October 11th (Tuesday) 21, world cup 12 strong Asian Cup group phase fourth round will be started, the Orangemen will be away to Uzbekistan. The main defender Zhang Linpeng, after the 0-1 defeat booked the Syria game, this is his second yellow card this round of 12 cumulative, so he will be suspended at Uzbekistan. Another country on foot less favorable news is that war in Ukraine by the Sri Lankan referee Parreira executive posts, he whistled the game, China team record of only 1 wins and 5 losses. Zhang Linpeng "two yellow" suspended, the Orangemen Orangemen back more tight 12 season opener’s 2-3 loss to South Korea in the game, Zhang Linpeng and Ren hang a yellow card war home court 0-0 draw with Iran, Yu Hai is booked, third home court 0-1 defeat to Syria, Zhang Linpeng received a yellow card, he also accumulated two yellow absent fourth rounds, the Orangemen also need to re up on defense portfolio. Considering Zhang Linpeng’s personal defensive ability is outstanding, can not substitute in his position on top of people away, Uzbekistan, the defence will be more tight. The defeat against Syria, the Orangemen because the defender and goalkeeper with not enough understanding this is facing losses, passive adjustment after the defense, Gao Hongbo once again faced with the problem. The fourth round opponent Uzbekistan has the same effect Changchun personnel suspended, defender and midfielder izmailov Yatai Heinrich accumulated two yellow cards, the former is the main team defender, starting three matches in all 12 finals, the latter is the team bench Jones, three games 12 match all the squad, the first battle of Uzbekistan beat Syria 1-0. He is a substitute accomplishment, the fight against 1-0, Qatar, or his substitute free kick Crimee Mainz break, it can be said that the two people suspended for the Orangemen also is good news. Law enforcement referee scale is wide, the Orangemen have "battle ready" according to the AFC news, 12 finals fourth round referee arrangements have been identified. The foot away game against Uzbekistan, by Sri Lankan referee Parreira Zhang Shao, two assistant referees are parias and palita. In addition, the Chinese referee Ma Ning will play the game against Iraq and Thailand. Sri Lanka Parreira and Chinese football has a source. He has officiated super team in the field AFC Champions League game, which in 2015 AFC Champions League Guoan group phase 1-0 victory over Suwon game by his palm whistle. In addition, the people of Sri Lanka also blew two Luneng AFC Champions League game, 2014 AFC Champions League group Sailu can away than 0 1 defeat buriram, 2015 AFC Champions League group phase at the end of the round 1-4 defeat away all the north, two games Luneng Parreira is totally defeated Luneng victims. Parreira law enforcement team in the game, the Chinese team’s record is only 1 wins and 5 losses. In the beginning of this year, U23 Yaqingsai, Parreira also once with the Olympic Chinese. The Olympic team and Syria battle of life and death is the Parreira law enforcement body, game相关的主题文章: