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Wade 10 players cut 20+7 bull Walker was lost two straight [collection] bull 108-115 Walker Wade 10 Kobe hypsokinesis aesthetic reproduction Tencent sports news October 7th pre-season continues, bull 108-115 away negative Pacers suffered two defeats, the Pacers won two straight. The Pacers Game 6 players scoring double substitute defender Stucki scored 20 points and 7 assists, fourth lead Pacers play attacking climax victory. Wade had 10 points and 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 7 voted 6 Rondo scored 14 points and 5 rebounds and 5 assists, Paul – George 11 voted 3 to get 7 points, the Bulls: Butler 4 points and 4 assists, Robin – Lopez 11 points, Ding Weidi 19 points, Gibson 10 points, Snell 11 points. Walker: Thaddeus young 16 points and 8 rebounds, 10 points and 6 rebounds and 6 assists Teague, Ellis 14 points, Eyre – Jefferson 15 points and 11 rebounds, Glen – Robinson 17 points. The Bulls suffered a two game losing streak: Wade Wade only played for the first quarter of the season with a total of 12 minutes, scoring a total of 6 points and 1 assists. The game, Wade played 22 minutes time to get 10 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, while 9 voted in the 3 shooting performance is not very ideal, but the quality of fit between him and his teammates have significantly improved, assists Portis lob dunk is very exciting, several times to the basket ball is see Kung fu. Wade himself has a great goal, the third day back turned fadeaways pretty. For Wade, the preseason victory and the data is not so important, with the team to better run in the tactical system to clarify their role, these are the key, Wade is on the right path. Game review: Pacers paratelum Chicago game started, Wade jumper xianbatouchou, George put three points in color. The two teams were launched, the Pacers with three points and Ellis has strong firepower, Teague hit long-range, Walker built a 9 point lead. Long continuous impact area points, led the Bulls tied 11-2 walker. Joe Yang hit three points for the Pacers to stabilize the war, Mcdermott hit a comeback. Two of you come to me to alternate points, the game into a stalemate state, in the first quarter at the end of the two teams tied 33-33. Rondo contributed 10 points in the first quarter of the cast of 5 points, Mcdermott scored three points in the 3 of the bulls and pedestrians in the first quarter of the hit rate of more than 50% of the total of more than $3 in the first quarter of the year in the first quarter of 5. The second day war, Eyre Jefferson scored a layup, Wade suddenly assists Gibson in the restricted area points. The two teams tied the score alternating lead, Wade with brilliant stroke, he passes on the break Portis empty dunks. In out assists, Wade scored a breakthrough layup, performed solidly shows the value of veteran. Because of the preseason, two teams summoned more frequently, the defensive intensity is not high, the attack rhythm soon. Rondo in the first quarter have sent assists, and his 4 assists in the second quarter, the ball will be transferred to the weak side by side Karan hands, assists Canaan three points hit pretty awesome. The Pacers on Eyre Jefferson’s attacking the basket and Stuckey the CIC and bull stalemate, first half of the last attack, Rondo and dribble stop jump shot hit the buzzer, bull.相关的主题文章: