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Pixar can not shake the U.S. media are not optimistic about your name. ". "Participating in Oscar’s animated film" Makoto Shinkai your name. "To be released in the world, not long ago the movie also identified 27 Works into the list of participating in Oscar’s animated feature, but the American news media is not optimistic about your name". "The prospect of participating in Oscar. Related reading: "your name" announces the impact of Oscar on the mad animal city. "In the UK, said Zhai praised" very proud of your name. "The mainland officially file or in China although the American propaganda" individual "animation media for your name. "Will have the opportunity to participate in the competition Oscar happy, and said this is the strongest opponent of Pixar participating Oscar prize. But the American news media don’t like the film. U.S. media Morning News USA reporter Miguel stern pointed out that: "only 5 pieces of the Oscar prize candidate can be selected, and now" your name. "And did not grasp the selection, and the film is worthy of winning what?" Part of the United States to "Manmi your name. "The language of the pessimistic attitude. Because this year, participating in Oscar’s animated feature the works of very strong team, Pixar grossed more than $1 billion animated film "crazy animal city" "Finding Nemo 2:" where the dolly. Many fans think of your name. "Could not challenge Disney’s Pixar Animation company. First of all, "your name. "In the United States at the box office is not particularly eye-catching, far better than the performance of Pixar animation. In the past 10 years, Oscar animated feature film awards are all of the works of Picks, "your name 75%. "Neither the background, the box office results are far better than Picks’s works, it is difficult to succeed in Oscar. A more pessimistic view is the same as the Japanese animation, "your name. "The United States is likely to be the Leica studios animated film" Kubo and gue "instead of entering the waiting list. (source: Tencent animation) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: