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Jiangxi trough feel Chinese medicine more than 30 foreign country: Charm returned to the Chinese medicine clinic (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 24 Nanchang Xinhua (Wu Pengquan Wang Jian) 24, from Indonesia, Pakistan, Laos, Mongolia and other more than and 30 countries, hundreds of foreign students into the famous "Jiangxi River Valley" China, feel close to traditional Chinese medicine culture charm. On the same day, sponsored by the National Research Fund Management Committee, Nanchang University hosted the perception of China charm Jiangxi event held here. The valley covers an area of 2800 acres, with the largest Chinese CIS preparation workshop. "Chinese medicine has a long history, profound, Chinese medicine is very useful for conditioning the body, I am very interested in." About China of Chinese medicine, Nanchang University international relations professional Russian students Nazilia is in high spirit. In Nazilia, the show was quite lively, from time to time to guide the questions trough. "I was sick once, that is, the Chinese medicine. There is a traditional Chinese medicine center in my hometown, which is very popular." The 26 year old Ruan Yuexia Chinese from South Vietnam, "neighbors" learning acupuncture and massage professional Chinese love she especially traditional Chinese medicine culture, "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Yellow Emperor" and "Shanghanzabinglun" and other ancient classics have dabbled in China. "TCM is a profound knowledge, there are a lot of similarities between Vietnamese traditional medicine with traditional Chinese medicine China," she admitted to reporters, to study Chinese medicine is the first China parents decided to do, because the home is relatively good employment. Through learning, I am very interested in the future of traditional Chinese medicine, after returning home, will find a Chinese medicine related to the direction of development, such as opening a Chinese medicine clinic." Nanchang University International Exchange College Counselor Fang Ting said the event aims to experience the charm of foreign students in Jiangxi, Chinese culture to build a platform to help Chinese excellent traditional culture go out. Jiangxi Provincial Department of education international cooperation and exchange department staff Cui Guanting said, Chinese medicine culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. "I hope this activity can open a window for foreign students to learn more about the culture of Chinese medicine, and spread to the country, so that more people understand Chinese medicine, understand china." (end)相关的主题文章: