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"Hidden" fans of the singer encouraged disabled Han Lei very warm heart – Entertainment Sohu   Han Lei and who perform Sohu imitation entertainment new imitation variety show "the hidden singer" the second season this Sunday late 19:30 Shanghai entertainment channel, Beijing arts channel, Guangzhou channel, 21:30 Shenzhen City Channel Four broadcast, and at the same time in Chongqing, Hangzhou, West Lake pearl fashion channel channel, Jiangsu arts channel, Shaanxi life channel, Hebei TV channel, Fujian city channel, Henan TV channel, Wuhan sports channel, Shandong channel, Sichuan channel and other women living in more than a dozen ground channel broadcast simultaneously. In this week’s show, strength to sing Han Lei revealed in the ultra high prestige singer, who broke the news Husileng incarnation of Bole appreciation. In the program, more imitation singer in tribute to Han Lei, thank Lei brother song encouraged their dark stage out of life! Cultivate the younger incarnation of Han Lei introduced Husileng Bole has more than and 40 years of experience in the music of Han Lei’s debut, nature is enjoyed a high prestige. In the program "hidden" in a singer, guess jury scene recalls Han Lei once brilliant achievements: "in 1996, Lei brother released their first album, the album across the popular music, rock, jazz, Bruce in this series, and the songs have a very high quality, when signing the record company he is our evaluation!" The audience applauded again and again not to succumb to the "Lei brother, King sound". When know between Han Lei and singer Husileng story, everyone is on the strength to sing the admiring. Originally, in the early years of Husileng also unknown to the public in a bar singer, a chance to let him meet Han Lei. According to the Husileng description, when he sings is a "Ulan Bator night", when he heard a loud voice saying to him: "come, to sing the first few!" The audience is Lei brother, later Han Lei was invited to Beijing Husileng recording program, Husileng said: "this is my first time to participate in the recording of television programs." Since then, Husileng took their own musical avenue. It seems, Lei brother not only amazing vocals, and original music and vision, to later care and help, also let a person respect. The disabled person singing mode to pay tribute to Han Lei encouraged each other at the end of the second round of moving scene imitation, a self proclaimed "9+1 Han Lei" has become the focus of the audience. As a young hard time out of the accident, the imitation only nine fingers. In the program, he was recalled because of misfortune and once wanted to give up life, but in 1998 the Spring Festival Gala, he heard the first Lei brother "" when he would go everywhere, secretly vowed: "as a man, you should stand up and go out!" Later, the imitation is also relying on a "go everywhere", move the barman, embarked on the road of music. At the scene, he bowed deeply to Han Lei thanked: "because of your song, let me have the courage to stand on this stage, thank you, to pay tribute to you!" Listen to the side of the Lei brother: "like you filled with a thousand regrets the unfortunate experience of many people, many people have never!相关的主题文章: