Performing artists Zu Feng I feel bad today-若槻ゆうか

Performing artists? Zu Feng: I feel bad today, Wang Ziwen,, Nandu news reporter Yu Yalian from the bottom of the Beijing [] [micro-blog] said: "brother is a performing artist of the." Cao levy [micro-blog], said: I rarely see actor actor with subtraction, the world does not exceed 3% of the actors can achieve this standard, Zu Feng teacher is in subtraction acting." In the face of praise, Zu Feng was scared, he said shyly: "I think I might be unlucky today……" Yesterday, starring Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen the Spy Drama "double" conference held in Beijing, will be broadcast on Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] happiness theater in September 29th. "Spy Drama, acting is the first" in the drama, Zu Feng plays Peng Gang, Wang Ziwen plays Wu Peixin, two people of different faiths, was married seven years, Wang Ziwen said, it can be said to be "Chinese’s drama version of" Mrs Smith "". "Double" is Wang Ziwen’s first shot spy game, she said: "the first serious play a wife, or a less reliable wife, she knew her husband was a member of the Communist Party after the blow of her very large." Zu Feng said, in the Spy Drama the most fire in the aspect are in the "fry", "the War spy drama is not the same, the relationship between the characters is very special, the focus is not in the fight. The play was in front of the "Ode to joy", it was my first collaboration with Wang Ziwen. Wang Ziwen is very different in these two plays." As for the spy drama idol of the phenomenon, the producer said: "" double "is a color value, acting in the drama, when we chose the actors, or acting in the first place." "Zu Feng is a subtraction in the acting field several starring mengkua Zu Feng acting, Wang Ziwen said Zu Feng is a" performance artist "," I often ask him I got it right, he is acting teacher for me." Wang Ziwen also said: "Zu Feng brother can give me a sense of security, his play is very stable, you will follow his slow down." Cao Zheng also said: "rarely seen by subtraction actor, the world no more than 3% actors can reach this standard, but Zu Feng is a subtraction acting, acting with him is you good, went to know who he is, who I am." In the face of all kinds of praise, Zu Feng is very dizzy, he said: I think I might be unlucky today. What do you think of a good or bad actor? You are comfortable with your opponent, that might be the best." (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: