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Doctor: Express brother with two hands fed handled 600 thousand express "people who know this situation and burial, the hero is white." This is Tan Chao’s favorite word, written in the commonly used bookmarks, "I use two hands to make money to eat, their pursuit of ideals, how others see it?" Piled up hill express, one after another ringing in the phone, hurried to receive parcels of teachers and students…… If it is not deliberately observed, many guests will not find a corner of the corner of the Yantai University comprehensive store outlets, with some slightly different places. There is no map of the city, there is no report to send and receive express, and even contact the business of the chat software are not open, the shelves behind the table computer is playing the English open class of Stanford University. To get the students to express not to look at the eyes, that didn’t take — this is the express little brother to see? Tan Chao is the owner of the computer, express outlets boss, a 32 year old man in Shandong. "After the Yantai sea, cool cut, wearing a TAN Chao unlined, house busy miami. His deft hands lifted a heavy box in a large, back to the house, every step seems to hit the ground. But lay down these boxes when the code is good, hands and feet a little rare tenderness. Tan Chao has two identities, belonging to the day and night. Distribute all when the day delivery is completed, the horizon burning beautiful sunset, he shut the shop and go home. Open the computer, head into the literature heap, find data in Northeast Asia in the thick of Jiujing three in the history of hundreds of years, across time and space, and explore the issue of ancient Korea, Mongolia and the central plains. Tan Chao, another identity, is the Department of history, Yanbian University, Bo two graduate students. "I think he can, he has the tenacity" number "?" Every student who comes to the store to get the answer must answer the question. "26711." As long as a string of figures, Tan Chao will be able to find the package within 10 seconds. Different from other points by express courier transceiver mobile phone number and the tail number confirmed the recipient, Tan Chao has his own set of numbers: "26" on behalf of today is 26, behind the three digit represents wrapped in a position on the shelf. No. 100 is at the door of the large pile of less than 101-200, on the left hand side of the first row of shelves, 201-300 installed on the right side of the trunk, the day before delivery, were relegated to the back. Pakistan gun scanning, signature confirmation, tore the electronic surface, the list then gathered together to go. "Elder brother, how do you want to come out so the number? Severe!" Just to store part-time sophomore Han Yanan, see dry swallowed. "We did review the international relations for four years, but even so hundreds of FedEx couldn’t make?" Tan Chao loud voice no longer mind reporting master once a little embarrassed in the past: four times of examination of Tsinghua University students, but for four consecutive years without success. Tsinghua’s original intention is to be a university teacher. In the hometown of the rural county, the most respected work than the hand pointer, there is a steady paycheck, it is also to his parents’ expectations. After graduation, while other students Tan ultra hesitant to tangle determines the direction of their efforts: "section of Cobb, a year pass on for two years, two years of examination in less than three years!" This pride)相关的主题文章: