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"Lu Yu" Ang Lee: I am not a genius I am talent Sina entertainment news from the energy spread, TV channel and Southeast TV to create the domestic new reality show style chat show "Lu Yu about" Eleventh big coffee a day will be on Saturday at 19:35 PM in the southeast TV broadcast. This period is known as the "Chinese film fully deserve movie master" Ang Lee blockbuster hit, the Lu Yu team is in Taipei comprehensively with the film. This is Ang Lee in the new film, "the battle of the battle of Billy," the premiere of the depth of the exclusive interview with the TV on the occasion of the depth of the TV interview in the new movie, "the battle of the war between the Chinese and the American side of the war", the exclusive television depth. This program will decrypt the international director Ang Lee in the end what kind of personality? How will his new film open up a new era in the history of cinema? How did he grow up to be a movie master? Can’t wait for the "Crazy" Ang Lee: I am not a genius, I is the talent Oscar award, Golden Globe Award, Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award and glory, as the most successful Chinese director, Ang Lee can rest on their laurels, but in his new film "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder in the challenge of the new "war" in history: his hitherto unknown film specifications — 3D, 4K IR-cut, breaking the traditional film at twenty-four frames per second, with a high frame rate of 120 frames per second, the challenge of new marginal digital movie. In the eyes of the people of the "madness", Ang Lee joked that he is not mad: "I have always believed that can shoot, I am 62 years old, can’t wait, I want to see now." Ang Lee has always been known as "synonymous with" Chinese film circle work of quality assurance, however, harvest countless praise Ang Lee, until the age of 36 with his debut "pushing hands", did not expect the "push" is really Ang Lee film career "push", followed by a portion of the legendary classic movie. It is not difficult to find that Ang Lee’s every movie is a big breakthrough. Family drama, foreign films, commercial films, martial arts films, westerns and fantasy film is 3D, the wide range of subjects and types of Ang Lee’s films marvel, it can be said that every movie is full and comprehensive to show his talent director. Nevertheless, Ang Lee still does not think he is a genius, in his eyes, Wong Kar Wai can be called a genius, he is the most talented. In an interview with the invitation, Ang Lee specifically for the program group to provide a copy of his own home in Tainan, the growth list". Different from the general list of Tainan tourism, which is actually a Ang Lee’s growth history". Lu Yu went to Tainan to the special team where Ang Lee grew up shooting, distinctive scenic Chiqian Lou, port An Ping, Tainan’s most traditional American cinema theaters and local snack shop etc. These are the degrees Satsuki, Ang Lee introduced Tainan local landmarks and places. In addition, Lu Yu also visited the primary and high school in Ang Lee, saw the photos of the youth of the time of the photo, the photo of the value of the explosion in the face of the table, quite the demeanor of the youth of literature and art of the young people in the world, and the young people in the city of, the first time in the future. Ang Lee’s "resistance" in my life is to work in the movie what someone has said: if there is a Chinese movie will never disappoint, then this person is undoubtedly Ang Lee. Ang Lee)相关的主题文章: