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Taichung Angelababy boxing rejection of meat 103 cm Tangyu hot leg Mo movement beauty (Figure / reporter Zhang Yizhong Mo Tangyu photo) movement beauty (Figure / reporter Zhang Yizhong photo) Mo Tangyu movement beauty (Figure / reporter Zhang Yizhong photo) Sina entertainment news August 25th news, according to Taiwan media reports, Mr Tang (Tang Bao) to 2014 ad Cosplay beauty hot, wearing open visibility, she also mixed with Zhang Mingxing face, sealed by the media in Angelababy, a pair of 103 cm long legs, make people envious. In 2015 she faced career, once, and face skin rotten, by moving the rejection of meat, show sexy health S curve. Mo Tangyu by exercise rejection of meat, sexy beauty health exhibition. (Figure / reporter Zhang Yizhong photo) Mo Tangyu recently in the eight "fate of the cross road" play the witch, 7 days have the ability to make resurrection after death, with super theme of ghost month, the play is the hit caused a lot of discussion. She said 2015 is facing a career, because there is no fame, tasted many real cold, once being out of makeup room, her optimistic self deprecating really have to red." Mo Tangyu through the ebb tide, is now the William Xie sister. (Figure / reporter Zhang Yizhong photo) Mo Tangyu low during the bad mood, the whole body is bad, not only light group, and the skin rotten face, do not lend to audition, she tries to cheer on the "fitness" of confidence, she demonstrated the flywheel, floor stretching, arm lines training action, sweat. Charming, she said "a week will report to the gym for about 3 to 4 days, every 1 to 2 hours before the meat course, the body loose, now the more practice the more strong." She is now filming in Changhua, a day still insist on fitness, directly in the room sit up. ETTODAY (the commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: