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Mr. Sun Zhongshan later visited the former residence of Sun Zhongshan overseas in Shanghai – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, November 14 (reporter Xu Jing) is located in downtown Shanghai, Naozhongqujing in Shanghai City, the former residence of Sun Zhongshan Memorial Hall on the afternoon of 14, including 27 Sun Zhongshan received overseas descendants, to commemorate the 150 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan Memorial panel. Sun Zhongshan’s life more than 20 times to Shanghai, the diaspora in overseas Mr. Sun Zhongshan later, in Shanghai this "cooperation between the Kuomintang and the birthplace of" Sun Zhongshan "and" nation building strategy "complete", "Sun Zhongshan and Song Qingling live together, to witness the" sun sun Zhongshan, visited the former residence of Mr. Song Qingling’s former residence memorial statue, and the memory of ancestors "meaning is very common". Visiting Shanghai is the fourth generation of the Sun Zhongshan family and the descendants of the five generation, the oldest has been the age of more than and 80, the youngest of the age of 24. The central courtyard of the former residence of Sun Zhongshan placed guest group presented baskets, came to see the guest group members in the collective Mr. Sun Zhongshan statue stood for three bow. Located in Shanghai Xiangshan Road is the former residence of Sun Zhongshan, Sun Zhongshan and his wife Song Qingling in Shanghai apartment, home furnishings in the vast majority of the original original, according to Song Qingling’s memories, the original layout. With two sons and daughter-in-law back together but Sun Linlun Sun Zhongshan, the second son of the Sun Ke time sun sun Zhiqiang. This once again came to Shanghai, see the house, she feels like home, can relax the statue like Mr is sitting, he went home, can have a rest chair". Sun Zhongshan stood before the founding of the country, the former residence of the general plan, Sun Linlun can think of the strategy of Sun Zhongshan is still meaningful. She said that a country should have the economic strength, have the right to speak, in the joint efforts of everyone, China, as the strategy described, more and more powerful. The sun Shihou most people of several generations living abroad, but most of them have received Chinese and history education, the continuation of the Chinese traditional virtues. Mr Sun Zhongshan’s great grandson Sun Guosheng engaged in software development industry, after their visit, he also felt the inside of the display relatively warm, see a lot of Sun Zhongshan and Song Qingling about the old furniture, and other objects, such as the return of a family. When it comes to our influence on his own, Sun Guosheng blurted out "g heart keep", he said the grandfather did not leave behind the material wealth, but there are many spiritual heritage, they will remember their teachings, continue to work hard. The same day, guests also visited the former residence of Song Qingling group. According to the schedule, they will also visit the Shanghai Center Tower, museum, Taiwan Forest Park wetland Wusong gun. (end)相关的主题文章: