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Adhere to the inheritance of red   to promote the development of green (new story long road?) – Politics – winter 81 years ago, beaten Chinese red army arrived in Guizhou. Where is the Chinese revolution going? In January 15, 1935, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held an enlarged meeting in Guizhou, Zunyi, the turning point of the Chinese revolution. Zunyi, the historical turning point of the geographical coordinates, accumulated a rich red culture. 80 years later, the culture and let the "turning" the city of glow after catching up jingqishen. The red culture, become the new engine of economic development building nestled in the trees and flowers, rural road walking in the mountains, clear water flowing slowly. Shan Bao Cun "Red Road Inn" in Tongzi County of Zunyi City, nine dams, boss Yang Zhirong is busy for the National Day Golden week. Inn distance of one or two km, is the famous Loushanguan battle command institute. February 25, 1935 to 26, the first two army Chinese Red Army crossed Chishui into Zunyi, launched Loushanguan battle, opened a prelude to the battle of Zunyi. Because the Red Army came from here, Yang Zhirong’s son will be named after the farmhouse Red Army Road inn". Yang Zhirong said that the nine dams in the rural tourism development, focusing on mining the red culture value of Loushanguan battle command and so some of the traditional ancient house development. "From top to bottom, we all attach great importance to the protection and development of red culture." Yang Zhirong smiling. The Zunyi conference, four Chishui…… As a famous "red Shrine", Zunyi has a total of 518 red cultural resources, including the long march of the Red Army, fighting 62 sites of revolutionary site. In recent years, Zunyi around the red culture, red culture industry has become a new engine of local economic development. Zunyi red culture and eco-tourism on the integration of the development of the article, so that more people get a deeper understanding and better travel experience, which is worth praise." During a visit to the Bozhou area (Zunyi county) Feng Xiang Zhen Gou dam meeting venue and the Red Army after the village, Chongqing tourists Li Wanquan commented. In 1935, the long march of the red army held a meeting in the village Gou Gou dam. Now, because of this meeting and the annals of Ba Gou "Red Army Village", ushered in another batch of tourists looking for red culture. Small village increasingly lively at the same time, the villagers also bulging pockets. Zunyi municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy minister Zhou Yuxin, Zunyi highlights the integration and development of red culture and tourism industry, polishing the red card. 2015, Zunyi cultural industry added value of about 6 billion 400 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP of the red tourist reception tourists of 19 million 466 thousand passengers, tourism revenue of $14 billion 770 million to achieve 2.97%. Green industry, agriculture and tourism development to create demonstration sites in the "Bagua garden", Verbena, rape, peach, plum and all kinds of landscape planting seedlings in the meantime, corridor, pavilion, water tankers and other facilities well-proportioned, constitute a beautiful picture. Here is the "look Bagua garden altar factory town in Renhuai city". Through the "build from the altar to the town of Luban, the town of agricultural tourism integration demonstration" Dongfeng, local villagers open相关的主题文章: