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The latest survey of the Hongkong Department of Health said: 40% people failed to maintain a good mental state – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong, September 13 (Lin Yuxing) the Department of health of the Hongkong SAR Government 13 announced a mental health survey results, points out that about 40% of the respondents failed to maintain a good mental health state, reflecting the common mental health problems. The Department of Health commissioned by the Chinese University Hong Kong Department of psychiatry from November 2015 to December by telephone questionnaire survey, visited 2015 of 12 – to 75 year olds in Hongkong, to examine their mental health, and cognitive and attitude toward mental health problems. Survey of project manager and department head professor Lin Cuihua said the study, there were 36.2% and 4.6% of the respondents think that the past self mental health "in the first half of the general" and "poor or very poor," said 5.5% more in the past 1 months due to serious mental distress. Lin Cuihua added that the investigation shows that the low education level, never married, monthly household income is relatively low, and the self that mental and physical health is very poor or poor respondents are more prone to serious mental distress. She said: in fact, nearly 90% of respondents agree with oxygen sports, talk about people’s minds, to participate in interest classes and other acts to help improve mental health, but more than 15% of respondents in the past 6 months has never been related activities." She suggested that the government should strengthen the promotion of daily activities that will help enhance mental health, and the education of mental health problems for specific high-risk groups, especially for the early identification of non obvious symptoms. The above investigation is one of the good mood @HK project. The plan was launched by the Department of health in January this year to promote public health promotion activities for 3 years, aimed at enhancing public awareness of mental health promotion and awareness of mental health. Assistant director of Health (health promotion), said Dr. Feng Yuqi, the plan will launch a series of activities, including the introduction of the theme song, the theme of the web page, cartoons and government propaganda. "We have also invited Gao Yongwen, the director of the food and Health Bureau of the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region (SAR), to raise public awareness of mental health." She said. (end)相关的主题文章: