Zhang Yunlong in the new Smoothie hazy conference staged version of love to kill (video)-helmet怎么读

Zhang Yunlong in the new Smoothie hazy conference staged version of love to kill "cloud of Han Dynasty" in imitation of Guan Xiaotong Zhang Yunlong than the dim handsome bursting point foot entertainment Zhang Yunlong, Tencent in the dim, Guan Xiaotong, starring Zhang Jianing, SNH48, Gao Weiguang, Ju Jingyi starring Winston Chao, Kathy Chow, Gan Tingting, Joe Ma starred in the drama "friendship large costume fantasy Xuanyuan sword Han cloud" formally recently held a press conference. Conference to war drama shocked the high spirited, of great momentum opening, highlighting the "cloud of Han Dynasty" such as the epic version of the opera style, and Zhang Yunlong, in their twilight scene led "love" ice operations, lit the atmosphere full of joy. The War Drama Rainbow shake audience role lines exposing the intricate destiny recently, is hot shot in the TV series "sword of Han cloud" in Hengdian held a press conference in the host great in strength and impetus, introduce guests, Shanghai new culture media group vice president Mr Liu Jun gave a speech, expressed in the production process in addition, requirements of magnificent and exquisite style, pay more attention to its thought, consciousness, story, will bring viewers a three positive, full of positive energy classics. One by Zhang Yunlong, Yu Yu, Zhang Jianing, and so on more than a dozen actors in the drama drama drama performances, for this conference officially opened the curtain of the. Play with a team of soldiers and feather loud slogans for the opening, the flight Shijie, Dongjak six statue almost full debut, the big screen on the background of magnificent mountains and rivers with green willow hearts, a roar of the wind maming, war atmosphere music, make people can see the "sword of the Han cloud" will describe a the epic picture of how to surge high and sweep forward for the audience. In the stage play, each actor has a short refining exclusive lines, from their emotional performance, the role of the emotions and fate of the audience also opened the tip of the iceberg. As Zhang Yunlong’s words "since I learned I was Xuanyuan Jianqi, determined to their mission can sacrifice everything, including my life, not only point out the true identity of Yan Feng, is to highlight its ambition to common people Wei, lofty quality responsibility. In the dim "what to what Xiao month has nothing to do with me, have mercy on my righteousness, so he let me do what I will do, is Muyun caring, not a true portrayal of evil. And Zhang Jianing said, "although I have a thousand years of life, but still envy the mortal life of the magnificent love and hate, love and hatred," is the expression of sincere feelings of longing and different from the identity of mortals. It can be seen that the cloud of Han is not only a magnificent scene of the big drama, which will affect the love hate entanglements. "Ssangyong" led teams have staged "Smoothie love interactive" version of love to kill in the conference officially began, the stars also came to accept the Host interview, in the interview, the actors were not only introduces his own character, they also has deep friendship have broke the news, still played chapter Gao Taiyu claiming high cold that was the moment buddies Pierce, and Gao Taiyu then said "back" when filming love to see them laugh. Known as the strength of the Zhu Jiaqi played on the princess for a second hold, the strength of the value of Zhao Zhenting.相关的主题文章: