Autumn and winter this year, sweaters must buy these 4 pieces! (video) 工号9527为您服务�����

Autumn and winter this year, sweaters must buy these 4 pieces! Aunt See said: this year’s sweater is too good-looking! Although Shenzhen still wear short sleeved weather, I can’t wait to wear. In addition, there are many stripes on many sweaters. Today, I recommend that I will buy 4 sweaters this fall, 1, striped sweater! Striped sweater from the beginning of last year, to this year, a lot of people really wear ah, with pants and skirts are good-looking. Isabel Marant sweater last year, several fire, this year’s sweater is also very good-looking, all stripes. Some time ago the super fire drama "W" the end of the week, we enjoyed the Han filial piety when fixing dinner wearing a Isabel Marant new year. Crystal is also the latest series. This is also in the long style, aunt Deng Jiajia through, long sleeves. Is tight, significantly thin. This sweater looks like a bean, and it’s nice to wear it in winter. Gucci is the originator of striped sweater, colored striped sweater out last year. 2016 of Vitoria’s Secret lingerie show December 6th hot hits! Sexy supermodel beautiful wings are inserted, Tencent invites you to watch the 2016 sexiest visual feast here here: supermodel see every day: Behati & #183; Prince dew does not change Lolita heart Lily Brown this autumn is still funny sexy alternative models. Everybody is wearing black and white this year. Replace the words, then there is J.Crew. Striped sweater is not necessarily fat oh! ZARA also has a lot of stripes, I also entered a, can go out. This is also a lot of striped cardigan, Liu Yifei recently wore. The latest Tommy Hilfiger 2016 autumn and winter show background Zhang Zilin photo with Liu Wen, Zhang Zilin wore a color stripe cardigan, casual but temperament. 2, college wind sweater has been popular in the college wind sweater, in this year’s Gucci and Alexander Wang out of the beautiful college sweater. Ma Sichun went to the fashion week is wearing a loose knit Gucci orange, with a long white pleated skirt, a good look!! Yang Mi this Alexander Wang hair many times, a lot of people wear. Big power also wore the same series of Gucci shirt, is also very stylish. (the next push will have a nice striped shirt to buy). It’s nice to wear it in the cold. 3, tight tight shirt sweater special short-term short-term fashion this year, not only have a long and short sleeved. With high waist pants good vintage, and ultramicroscopic long legs!! Mold and your male god broke up and did not have much influence, or the United States and the United States out of the street, tight knit color knitted from the brand PH5. Xun Zhou attended the Chanel activity is the selection of a tight blue floral strapless, with light bunt, also do not have a temperament. Zhang Tianai film the airport fashion is wearing a LV winter knitting, did not move straight with the show, but black shorts, show the best legs. Victoria Song is wearing a knitted suit Chanel, slim stripe shirt with matching color skirt, wearing a red wine Chanel needle?相关的主题文章: