Hainan tourism passenger service platform can be set up on the Internet travel bus 音羽かなで

Hainan tourism passenger service platform can be set up in the online travel bus   September 29th, Hainan tourism passenger service platform officially opened operations. Correspondent Luo Liming photo   South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou on September 29th news (South China Sea network reporter Wang Xu correspondent Luo Liming Deng Shigui) in September 29th, the Hainan provincial tourism passenger service platform officially opened operations. In the future, the domestic and foreign tourists to Hainan or if the tour plan to rent a car travel, in addition to the traditional telephone booking, but also through the tourist bus network platform or WeChat in the online public number directly choose 2268 vehicles of various types. Two or three minutes to complete the online payment system of the car reporter in the official website and WeChat public number Hainan tourist passenger experience link to see: registered as a platform for the user, click on "travel" or "Hainan Tour" you can easily enter the booking system, not only can make an appointment time, understand the status of the vehicle, the car search service quotation and line mileage and other information, can also choose their own vehicles according to the needs of the car for two or three minutes to complete the online payment. 11 passenger passenger travel service platform for enterprises to join the director of the provincial tourism passenger service center Han Yajun introduced, at present, — "tourism passenger service platform developed by the center of Hainan tourism passenger" WeChat public platform, network platform synchronized on-line booking travel passenger service service in domestic and foreign, Hainan tourism travel needs of customers. The current into the camp enterprise of Hainan province tourism passenger service platform deployed 11 province famous passenger transport enterprises, large and small senior tourist bus 2268, more than 60 thousand seats, all for the public bus. For the whole society 24 hours for global car rental business "which is the center of Internet plus passenger travel test, to allow customers to enjoy the Internet brings convenience and cost savings, now open to all users." Han Yajun said that the platform for travel and personal travel car rental business, through the Internet, mobile phone mobile terminal equipment for the whole society to 24 hours for the global car rental business, has the characteristics of strong autonomy, high accuracy, strong timeliness, travel agencies and tourists can travel vehicle information for query whenever and wherever possible. Online booking and payment, can also support the expansion of all kinds of new forms, new varieties of car rental business. At the same time, the platform also has the vehicle comfort, safety, quality of service and user evaluation function, will regulate the operation, enhance tourism charter service quality play a role in promoting. Hainan’s first tourist passenger car network platform according to the introduction, as the first Hainan tourism passenger car network platform, the on-line platform, will change the traditional mode of travel car rental business to rely solely on the phone calls and fax the past, the formation of online booking, offline sales and tracking in one of the new trading patterns. At the same time, the platform to achieve a unified scheduling and unified management of tourist vehicles, can provide a convenient one-stop travel service for tourists travel service. Since this is Hainan as the country’s first global tour to create Province, passenger travel tourist industry to adapt to new ways, to meet the public.相关的主题文章: