Harbin Police remediation Qunli homes surrounding illegal parking violations such as double utc行家

Harbin Police regulation group homes surrounding double illegally parked violations recently, Harbin Police Department stepped up to the homes of the area surrounding the vehicle Qunli oblique, multiple rows of illegally parked illegally parked, door blocking road illegally parked, auxiliary road on both sides of the bus station, parking illegally parked, and zombie car punishment, at the same time step by step optimize the area surrounding parking facilities, to better facilitate the residents according to the standard, according to the line, according to the position, to regulate parking. Qunli District Rongjiang Road, Longhu Road, Dianchi road is the main road home district surrounding Qunli, in recent years, residential occupancy rate increased year by year, motor vehicle parking, blocking the way the passage has become increasingly prominent. Traffic police in rural areas in the near future to increase the number of vehicles parked illegally investigated. Mark the parking stop to oblique driver parked illegally fined 100 yuan on the morning of 17, although has been at work, home Qunli A District No. 1 in front of the door on both sides of the road are still scattered many parked cars, most of the vehicles can be required to park along, but in the intersection of Longhu road and near the yangmingtan Bridge Road on the north side, there are black AX630S, black AR, black 150N LDY098 and a few other cars parked diagonally to the impact of road traffic. According to the traffic police on duty, day 8 traffic police to patrol at this time, a total of 6 car illegally parked side by side oblique, not according to the provisions of parking, traffic police by paste illegally parked penalty notice, of which 3 cars gradually departed, but the remaining 3 cars until the morning of 11 PM still leave. Similar to this situation, 10:50 Xu, A District, No. 4 in front of the door, a gray car in the case of a clockwise parking space is still in the face of the traffic police oblique to stop, was promptly stopped. The driver rushed to think parking here, to drive away, the police pointed to "public free parking" sign that he may stop, but must be according to the berth to park along. According to the police on duty, since mid October, in order to regulate parking order, the traffic police department around residential homes surrounding the main street Qunli new delimit more than 600 parking spaces, but because before part of the driving convenience inclined to stop navigation, and illegal conformity many owners, leading to the area in front of near often a row of inclined parking vehicles. For such vehicles parked in accordance with the provisions of the traffic police department will also make a fine of 100 yuan penalty. The bus station illegally parked illegally parked vehicles, double a lot in addition, occupy the bus station parking, double parking, auxiliary road on both sides of the parking violations, the area police every day always met in the inspections. On the morning of 17, and in the adjacent door No. 1 A district bus station recently, a black AH9383 vehicle oblique bar in the bus stop, the bus did not lead to normal stop. According to the police on duty driver left contact to inform the departed, but until 10 minutes driving personnel, due to illegally parked traffic police, made a fine of 100 yuan penalty for the. The more than 10 meters away, another black No. A713UH vehicles in the driveway to park for a long time, suspected of driving at night for hooking up double parking, until noon the vehicle was left the scene. And in the river on both sides of the road.相关的主题文章: