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Golden Week Film Market " three "   " " office; suspense; increasing reputation polarization   culture original title: box office "suspense" reputation — increasing polarization inventory of "eleven" Golden Week Film Market "three most" "Mekong" action "passing from your world" "grand track" ace "ace" make four movies such as contests, "small ball" "funny bird Gaiden" cartoon race debut. "Eleven" golden week more than 10 domestic and foreign films released in domestic theaters. Compared with the 2015 National Day box office and word of mouth stride forward singing militant songs, this is undoubtedly the "suspense" reputation increases, the differentiation of an "golden week". According to the State Press and Publication Administration of Radio Film Fund Office website and three party platform preliminary statistics, from 1 to 5, the single day box office exceeded 200 million yuan, the highest box office in October 1st, close to 280 million yuan. Although the data is slightly lower than last year, but "the Mekong" action film still aggressively, related phenomenon has also led the industry and the audience hot. The most fresh story and technical film National Day file bright black horse is the Mekong action. The story is based on the 2011 Chinese crew Mekong murder case adaptation, actor Chen Baoguo earlier in the same drama "Mekong major" play "drug bureau", the "as Minister of public security", Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng’s "doubles partner" to attract the audience’s attention. Evaluation of the industry, whether it is the freshness of the subject matter, the action of large tracts of realism, and so on, "Mekong River action" can be described as the creation of a number of domestic films this year, the most". The film row piece since 4: other competitors, in the final stage of National Day holiday will set off a wave of viewing heat. Another noteworthy film "grand track" is Guoneishoubu by CG (computer animation) capture technology of the film, made films created new "technology most". The film gathered 10 young actors, their action capture, and finally completed a live performance of the CG animated film. In addition to fans audience, there are a lot of technical flow fans curious. The "differentiation" film mouth netizens as "real" main melody "very hard" very strong "this year to see the domestic film", "the Mekong River action" has become the "Golden Week" the highest rated movie online public opinion. Vice chairman of Shanghai Film Association, Shanghai Theater Academy professor Ishikawa commented: "although the Mekong River is still weak civil action" imperfections ", but really excellent, aggressively during the National Day holiday is the time. At the same time, adapted from literary works of the "passing from your world" "grand track", the film side did not gain the expected super reputation. Some viewers have suggested and criticized the story frame and details. Continuation of the so-called "Hong Kong Style" funny funny "ace is the" trump card "crudely made some netizens pointed out the new case. Experts pointed out that since 2014 Chinese film rapid growth, but also to stimulate the part of the production of "speculation" mentality, do not rule out the "face up" "quanqian" and other strange phenomena. Tsinghua University professor Yin Hong相关的主题文章: