Olympic champion Liu Zige and mentor Jinwei marriage age difference 23 years old master helmet怎么读

Olympic champion Liu Zige and mentor Jinwei married 23 year old master Liu Zige married age difference! Sina sports news according to Shanghai media broke the news, the Olympic champion Liu Zige and mentor Jinwei in Beijing today held a wedding. The master love two years ago was exposed, but was denied Jinwei, two years after the two finally will tie the knot. Liu Zige is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s 200 meter butterfly gold medal winner, low-key personality, usually rarely appeared in public view. 2009, 2011 and 2013, three consecutive World Championships, Liu Zige has fetched medals, she and Jiao Liuyang together China will fly to a new height. Liu Zige has been very grateful to Jin Wei, had to pay their own money to buy a 1 million 700 thousand yuan worth of Land Rover car, Thanksgiving along the way to pay. The master and apprentice Peigemoqi, Liu Zige Jin Wei is almost unconditional obedience, the coach is her biggest rely on. Jin Wei Liu Zige is also quite appreciate, pointed out that she has "three": good technology, good character, good attitude. Jin Wei has two children, her daughter and Liu Zige get along like a sister, the son took the idol as a Liu Zige. Liu Zige will also be a Jinwei, as their own family. The game back, Liu Zige will bring a gift to Jin Wei’s two children, want to have good than jinwei. There have been rumors that the two married because Liu Zige was pregnant, but the two did not respond to this. Liu Zige was born in 1989, two people is 23 years, but it has already formed a tacit understanding, into the marriage is also a matter of course. (new body)相关的主题文章: