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Ceng Liyao "kid" wonderful fun drama drama circles a stream of transverse drift – Sohu   has Liyao entertainment; "wonderful boy" fun drama drama Sohu entertainment news today, filmed in Hengdian for several days "wonderful boy" Roane has entered the final stage of tension, not only played an important role of the actors: Ceng Liyao, Bai Cheng Jun, Zhao Yaqi, Li Dongge, Qiu Bin, blueya, Wang Zhuo and Jia Wenyu have all gathered, even more than in the crime of "old Biao" Sun Zhengyu teacher also join in, add a lot of highlights for this movie. Director Zhang Yijun revealed that the surprise is far more than these. Ceng Liyao played the heroine Liu Ying in order to break out of their own piece of heaven and earth, came to Hengdian alone. But the dream is always beautiful, but the reality is cruel, although filled with blood, but often go to the wall. "Sometimes I feel I have for Liu Yingyan is not under the breath," Ceng Liyao was deliberately make things difficult play in over a period of Liu Ying, exclaimed: "but it is these experiences, make people more and more strong." As a new actor, Ceng Liyao get the script when the deep feelings. The opera "Liu Ying" in Hengdian was the big name actors out, was director of stern reprimand, and even possible unspoken rule of such things, even if these in reality is also very common, is the need to face the new actor. In order to restore the true "Liu Ying in Hengdian" the bitter sweet, had Liyao whether clothing or shape are apt to role. Cheap shirts, but the iron neat: lost in a strange city, but polite to ask passers-by; even if the heart grievances, but also to encourage friends laugh. This is Liu Ying. In reality, the horizontal drift will play from morning to night on the outside, looking for a crew of a crew of uninterrupted play, very not easy. Ceng Liyao in order to show the best feeling, even if the hot weather persist in the shooting scene, again and again take flight, not sweating the body is the mosquito bites are package. "Some day there are three or four Kuxi, but the next second will show up a feeling, with a lot of play in play, this is not a small challenge for me." Ceng Liyao did not say bitter, even in the face of many difficulties, Liyao once every effort, the real role played. "The role of Liu Ying, although is an ordinary girl, but her kind of indomitable spirit. Although the social interpersonal relationship is complex, sometimes very messy, but she was able to keep a pure heart, with full of positive energy, could be regarded as a stream of transverse drift field." Zeng said that the. Director Zhang Yijun also stressed that this movie aimed at the large market with vulgar and gimmicks as a selling point of the current situation, through the "Liu Ying" horizontal drift journey experience, to expose and criticize certain, have to fan art fresh texture, absolutely to give real emotional interaction at the same time, bring find everything fresh and new feeling. At present, the shooting has come to an end, I hope the film can give us a different surprise, but also look forward to the wonderful performance.   相关的主题文章: