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Zhu Shimao, Wen Xiang became funny clown Hu Xia learn Zhang Jing – Sohu "entertainment" clown Zhu Shimao, "clown" Wen Xiang Hu Xia Ying Sohu entertainment news by the Austrian group produced the inspirational comedy film "clown" broke a photo studio, visible Wen Xiang, dressed in work changed his handsome style, from the image of Zhou Runfa to Wen Xiang go down to earth line, one of the most handsome workers. Comedian Zhu Shimao has played a column stick, is not filming overworked or character. Two people talk, in the messy site in a smile, to set up a middle-aged "two stooges". Actor Hu Xia put on the mask tooling is not handsome, in a break in can not help but want to try, there is a kind of mold to play with side of the shooting machine, usually as a singer and actor who often face the camera, but also admitted that he had to seat puzzled, but now know how to interact through the lens and the audience. A self Xijin king for the sincerity of the hands also, not afraid of tired dirty ugly he will face is covered in black ash, only to be the most realistic role experience show, Bo audience laugh, great pains. The movie "clown" by Chen Weiqiang Wang Xijin, directed by Huang Yi as inspirational comedy comedy, one produced by Hu Xia, Huang Shengyi, Wang Xijin, and Chen Zixi, starring Wang Wanzhong, and Zhu Shimao, Jianfeng Bao, Liu Hua, Yang Di, Wen Xiang and comedian heavy league. The film for the first time relates to private detective types, mainly about the private detective agency clown brother cover (Wang Xijin) and Awang (Hu Xiashi), in the investigation of jewellers was looting in the event of a series of comedy funny thing?. To know exactly how the joy staged a farce, please look forward to the movie "clown" released.   相关的主题文章: