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The people of Guangzhou managed to buy a degree room   Hukou was occupied for 12 years – Chongqing channel: original title: Guangzhou people very not easy to buy a degree room account was occupied for 12 years Chen Chunming lawyers, in the second-hand housing sales contracts signed, the two sides should move out of the account as a special agreement to spend big price buy a house, expensive, not to each other’s account was "Lai" where such a bad heart, more happened. Zhang in Beijing 7 years after the sale of real estate, only to find that the old owner has not moved to account for this, he will be the old owner to court. Guangzhou Ms. Xie spent 550 thousand to buy a degree room, but the other account has not moved out, anxious she sleepless nights, "worry about children not enrolled". Today, the case has been settled: Zhang, Ms. Xie were liquidated damages 100 thousand yuan, $5000. Guangzhou resident surnamed Liang (Surname) remains similar to the problem, the 21 day, he said to reporters rebellion, which bought a set with the provincial level degree of housing reform in 2004, has been 12 years old, but the owners have not moved their accounts. When a lawyer interviewed pointed out that the owners in the purchase of second-hand housing, especially the degree room, do not forget to move out of the contract for the sale of the housing contract for special agreement. Case 12 years to buy a house account has not moved to Guangzhou public Leung, 2004 bought with a set of provincial level primary school degree in Guangzhou Yuexiu District housing reform. At that time, because the child is small, and did not account for the problem, it is not clear whether the original owner of the account to move out." Mr Leung said that with the passage of time, the child is old enough to go to school, he found that the original owners of the account has not moved out. According to the related policy, the original owners of the account does not move out, he and his family moved into account will be affected. "The local police station told me that it would be better for both sides to resolve this situation," he said." Mr Leung said, because their parents also lived in the area, the children moved into account the parents’ house. The old owners are two elderly, the two met again, so did not pay attention to this matter. But I never thought that 12 years have passed, the account is not out of each other." Mr Leung said helplessly. It is worth noting that a house allows only one family children enrolled. That is to say, if the former head of the household did not move out of the account, then the new owners of children may be affected. In fact, such a situation is not uncommon as mr.. Reporters in the search engine input after the original owner + account + refused to move out of the house, a total of more than 10 thousand related information search. The netizen murener said it bought a set of second-hand housing have to pay 1629, property has been transferred, but the original owner of breach of contract, refused to move out of the account, payment of liquidated damages, refused to contact negotiations, and to occupy the degree index. In the interview, some intermediary also told reporters that the old owners do not move out of the account on the disputes occasionally occur, but the real solution through litigation is very rare, are basically solved through the coordination of relevant departments. )相关的主题文章: