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After the Shanghai was cooler north the lowest temperature stability in 1 this week after Shanghai was cooler head, blowing wind increased a bit bleak, autumn taste more concentrated. The dew of a solar term, the daily average temperature of Shanghai to less than 22 degrees, the next three days if the air temperature can "target" autumn line, which means that Shanghai has entered the sense of autumn weather in 8 days. This round of cooling from the festival show the power. Shanghai yesterday by the high ridge, cloudy all day long, the larger the wind, sunshine and blue sky and clouds in bloom, and disappeared. Temperature, the central city of Xujiahui station yesterday, the maximum temperature stopped at 21.2 degrees centigrade, the temperature difference between day and night, coupled with large wind, cool body. This is the second consecutive day Shanghai daily average temperature is below 22 DEG C, the average temperature has been previously cold dew Shanghai is reduced to 21 DEG C. Today’s weather is expected to be similar to yesterday, the temperature is not much change compared to yesterday, the highest temperature during the day near 22 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature is still around 18 degrees Celsius, the suburbs will be lower. The standard is after the beginning of autumn autumn weather for five days the average temperature is below 22 DEG C, the first day is the first day of autumn. Now on the next five days, Shanghai is the minimum temperature at 18 DEG -19 DEG, the highest temperature at 22 DEG -23 DEG, the possibility of direct autumn is not small. Hot news: Shanghai network about the new car hot question: why the increase of Shanghai Shanghai traffic regulations of Minhang short board: S4 highway reconstruction will accelerate the construction of rail transit in Shanghai first luxury to slow profits have been repeatedly questioned and the cover plate is located in the false young woman married married 6 years old Han cheated money eat lose money Shanghai four year old girl prosecutors have been raped with a teddy bear successful forensics weather forecast: Shanghai Festival this week the cold north wind was lowest temperature stability in the 1 prefix相关的主题文章: