Deng Chao was posted to find the sound of the word, the world Avatar inspired Superman 小坂めぐる

Deng Chao was posted in search of the sound "notice" the world "incarnation of Superman inspired Deng Chao to film entertainment Tencent annual emotional movie" passing from your world "after the shooting ignited the unpopular Chongqing roadshow, and immediately came to Nanjing, the day coincided with the release of the first day, one on DJ Deng Chao’s" in search of the sound. "In the" Beijing News "" Southern Metropolis Daily "landed at the same time, with echo, first viewing the reputation in" Chen end sound "Su" turkey lines like poetry "and" Deng Chao with the audience run "occupy most of" sound "has become a kind of super large brother skills in particular can hold. In the day of the exchange, Deng Chao also said the process of shaping the end of Chen, like a psychological portrait". "The whole world" Deng Chao sound significant user rating of Chen charm end love hate in view of AC Nanjing, Deng Chao caught a scene in the dimly lit hall also wearing sunglasses of the audience, asking only that little girl "movie cry too much, must cover" although it is a joke, a meaning of the answer, but also a lot of people viewing the opening day on the network voice, increasing "tear" evaluation can prove that, for Deng Chao’s "Chen DJ" at the end you are love and hate, "Chen at the end of the base’s" unitary "bully chicken." he is cynical about "good-for-nothing" to blame, it’s just perfect "not serious" and let all people feel that he inadvertently revealed the gentle look particularly bright". Because these words comment about the actor’s character also has the overall exposure: "super brother Chen at the end of the base, all quiet and sad ruffian played out" gentle "heart in a complete mess". The voice has become the highest frequency of the elements mentioned in the show, "good" and "provocative" "Su" straightforward describe almost every evaluation can see. Coincidentally, a search for DJ Deng Chao released the day of "opening" notices on the "Beijing News" and "Southern Metropolis Daily", although this is just a marketing behavior, but also from the side that Deng Chao in the movie sound expression. Deng Chao talk about acting not stop building at the end of Chen as "psychological portrait" alone in the movie actor Chen occupation at the end of the anchor station, is a very special, as well as the basic conditions, emotional communication skills is required, or even to a certain extent, to achieve "soothing", but this a "threshold" of the role of occupation, only Deng Chao in the creation process of role to one aspect of creation, in the friends praised Chen behind at the end of the show, with delicate details "is a step by step to create the role of Deng Chao. In this Nanjing roadshow film exchange, Deng Chao chatted about Chen end, almost ignored the role of many of the details of the familiar, "I tap shoes, the heel, do not wear socks, think Chen at the end of the hair is what it looks like, he skanky tease the poor mouth is very powerful, her voice is not the same, he keeps his voice, said tens of thousands of times the radio opening, and when small is good with sunlight, and later became cynical," which is a small design from the beginning of Deng Chao received the script, read the original.相关的主题文章: