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The double chromosphere 16113 forecast: basketball three yards 0102 06- Sohu Chinese welfare lottery Shuangseqiu lottery results 2016112nd period: 061214151825 + 12, and 90, three than 1:4:1, repeat 2, even 2. The sales of 339124224 yuan, 8 note first prize 6 million 860 thousand, 2016113 prize pool accumulated 1082109240 yuan, double chromosphere forecast: size ratio: the size ratio of 2:4, a small code number according to the situation, advantages, this period value size average out of proportion to the size of the key recommendation 3:3. Weight code: the number of weight number out of 1415, recent momentum enhancement, this period attention number out, recommend 12. Leading: on the issue number 06, the preferred number occupies the first place, reference number 0509. Phoenix: on the issue number 25, the need to pay attention to even give priority to 12 yards, reference number 2832. Numbers: even the last out of 1415, even a region nearly 10 in 3 times, two even 3 times, three even 4 times, even the whole code number is strong. This issue is optimistic about the code out, reference 2021. Mantissa: last out of 5 tail 62458, nearly five the number of mantissa trend for the period 6-6-6-4-5, the mantissa is between 5-6, even the tail 2-3, tail mantissa focus on 024. The red ball 12 yards: 0509121820212324 26283132 three: 051221 red double red bile bile: 0521 red alone: 21 basketball analysis: on stage out of size 12, the overall size of view distribution, nearly 10 period small code number is strong, the current code number to the number reduced, according to the trend, a new period for small fortification code. At present, even the overall strength, according to the previous number trend, a new period of focus even. Five yards: 0102060910 basketball basketball three yards: 010206 basketball alone: 06 8+1 combat recommended: 0509122021232432 + 06相关的主题文章: