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What is the girl wearing? Jacky Wu: what do not wear Jacky Wu and daughter Jacky Wu and her funny photos of Sina entertainment variety show "little star". The fifty-first finalists Jinzhong "variety show host Award", yesterday (September 24th) TV to steamed buns and dumplings for Jacky Wu [micro-blog] and Sandy, who blessed the two at the Golden Bell Awards "package" the production unit has a big cake in advance for a surprise birthday 26 Jacky Wu birthday, "he may hope that Sandy can have jinzhong!" The desire. Yesterday just back from Thailand video Jacky Wu, immediately rushed into the "little star". The video studio, television to celebrate the Golden Bell Award finalists for billboard for two people, Sandy playing awfully, the see deliberately joking said to her: "don’t be sad if no winners." Let Sandy shouted to the left Bell Award billboard at home as a souvenir, the host asked the clams would wear red underwear to the Golden Bell Award, said usually would wear red underwear, also called funny red underwear was lucky not to laugh, "evil" back video had deficit with bipolar disorder clams. Jacky Wu and Sandy became the first group of the daughter stalls nominated for the Golden Bell Award, finalist that feels like a fantastic journey. Sandy feel very real, she said that the first time for people in Thailand, happy to speak in the crazy Thai massage shop, and immediately call brother Wei Zhong. Who do not know the beginning of the great loyalty elder brother also recognize the voice of Sandy, later know is her, straight to her quickly thanks to his father Jacky Wu. Sandy also said very glad to enter the entertainment circle, otherwise there is no chance with his father also nominated for the golden bell, also think that no matter whether the winners are very memorable. While the first Sandy finalists Bell said the pleasure, but also did not expect very worried about what to wear, but also back immediately: "that is what all don’t wear!" Let Sandy shy shouted: "no, the Sandy is quickly to appease, to treat her the Golden Bell Award, see the nursing women eager. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: