Li Rizhan offered to sing fantasy idol drama don’t be so proud youth voice (video) coreldraw快捷键大全

Li Rizhan singing idol drama "fantasy" don’t be so proud, Li Zhan – Youth voice "don’t be so proud" (MV opera version of "don’t be so proud" theme song) Tencent entertainment news youth idol drama fantasy "don’t be so proud" fans friends chase drama boom continues to heat up, the hero and the heroine Tong Meng, Song Yunhua and Jin small the meat is hung, the screen artist daily Guduo Jinbang as fast broadcast network drama, scores of pride. From "the new generation of singer Li Rizhan sang the theme song of the same name proud blood" with "don’t be so proud of the dramas by netizens and fans to share, to meet all the drama fans look forward to support today," don’t be so proud "and single story version MV synchronous overweight starting the whole network broadcasting! "Don’t be so proud of" the theme song of the same name by the famous musician Xu Shichang lyricist, built in the European composer, Li Rizhan Liangshen building, and youth fantasy network drama "" don’t be so proud about the blood of youth, campus love, adorable interest such as two yuan plot elements complement each other, there are a lot of fans said to hear this song naturally into the drama version of "don’t be so proud" mode, but can not help but be "into play first songs" "routine". This is the song of youth sound, meaning refers to everyone in mind to remember the shining youth, do not forget to keep warm life. As the theme of the concert, "the new generation of singer Li Rizhan puliao: in order to better interpret and perform songs" don’t be so proud "such a song full of fighting spirit, let the whole song" blood ", before the recording they will do some exercise warm-up, because love sweat, one day down even the producer jokes are not into the water. When recording, in order to find the songs and story "surging", simply guangzhebangzi mobilize their own emotional state. At the same time, he also publicly shared: "Youth" as each one of the most valuable period, everyone in this stage should dare to love cry dare say. Life, work, feelings…… We often because some things, affect their confidence in the future. Don’t care about others’ speech and vision, not too persistent win or lose love, want to cry to cry, don’t be so proud to youth! In addition, Li Rizhan also revealed that the drama version, do not be so proud of their own just want to say: really wonderful! Starring Song Yunhua is very beautiful, but acting really have nothing to say, Tong Mengshi nor in posing, played very well! All the actors are very professional, can sing the theme song of the play, he is very proud! The new EP has been busy recently "don’t be so proud" and the album "fantasy knight tour" autograph Li Rizhan said: he is very cherish and enjoy with fans around the opportunities for close contact, to sing and interact with you, share some of their very happy mood, hope can borrow more of this opportunities and occasions to bring every positive force and emotional fans. It is reported that at the end of the end of new works and propaganda work, he will be put to the new drama filming in the drama, after learning for a long time on the show, we can hope to learn the results of acceptance! Drama version of "don’t be so proud of" the first quarter will be held this week ending, the second season is scheduled to November thermal endurance, then!相关的主题文章: