4 street beat a strong single product! It’s a secret weapon rewrite攻略�

4 street beat a strong single product! Is the personality of the secret weapon to wear the usual style of personality to show the style of the girls, often choose what kind of style of a single product for the main wear considerations? Black can be regarded as the most able to show the personality of the color of the wind, and black is not a good match is not easy to make mistakes, in addition to the details of the design style and can enhance the overall sense of momentum, but also an important factor in personality modeling. Therefore, selection of a single product can wear a strong personal style. Today to introduce 4 models can immediately enhance the sense of momentum on a single product, so usually wants to wear stylish but not rude of you, easily show a seemingly low-key, but have strong momentum of personality outfit. Choker this year is red Choker single product, from the beginning to now still have a fever, with gradually popular styles from coarse into tie, minimalist design sense is necessary to buy. A long string of Choker style, with around the neck, let the whole focus immediately have a sense of style. In the fall of Choker is turned into a scarf instead of the same avant-garde styling a somewhat more elegant. Transparent elements like shopping girls, have you found that the recent transparent single product is very popular? Whether it is long or short paragraph, black is transparent style will push. However, in addition to the black skin coat, white and soft color, but also allows the overall style of a little more gentle feeling. In addition to the transparent elements of the coat, you can also try the famous semi skirt, lace style or embroidery style will make your style becomes more romantic. The leather jacket autumn, leather coat is every year of the classic leather cloth can make the overall style, showing a strong attitude, a classic leather accessories, even when the shoulders, the body exudes strong invincible momentum. There are not only black leather jacket can be cool, other colors of the leather coat will make your mix more style and texture. Why can the slits design slits design so that the momentum of ascension? Because the slits design of a single product, whether it is off the slits can bring out the sexy style in which parts of the body, with a sense of momentum of a single product, so that the overall shape presents a wear striking transfer. This season I believe there will be a lot of styles of dress collocation on slit pants, lazy casual with a sense of hierarchy. And open to the benefits of leg length. If you love to show the low-key style, can buy Choker or slashed a single product, and love to show distinctive and powerful momentum sense, recommended transparent elements with leather style, whether it is the diversification of the collocation, a style of wearing or simple, can let the whole super cool.相关的主题文章: