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I do not want to do that " not long child " public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number, you have a psychological long child, you are a small child, so often by my colleagues in the mouth. They always said I was young, I was a small child. Not only do they say me, but I also feel that I am very naive, think the problem is very simple, not comprehensive. But what about that? Today, I chat with my colleagues, everyone seems to be talking about the parents of their own childhood, we seem to be more or less some complaints to parents, but now there are some revenge". "Why would I go to school, go to work, because I want to leave my parents, four years in college, I never returned home during the summer vacation." "Don’t you want your parents?" I do not understand the question. Do not want to, as long as I am at home, just started fortunately, delicious to drink to you, you can not wait for two days to start the nose is not a nose, eyes, eyes. One not liking is open to scold." I am also, as long as I am at home, can not be more than seven days, more than seven days, you see, they began to say that you do not know how to wash dishes, ah, how do not cook at home ah!" Another colleague heard also interrupted hurriedly. People who like Similarly afflicted people pity each other. several brief encounter but few people Similarly afflicted people pity each other. people, you made me a complaint, I only listened, no law to join their topic, because I don’t know how they can have such a feeling. I, is our family’s only child, a lot of people think I am very happy, indeed, I am very happy with family members. So I do not understand them, they can not go back to a summer vacation. What do they think about home? Don’t you miss home? Anyway, I can not stand, although I went to college, but also to other cities. When I entered the university gate, I regret, regret not to go to college in his hometown. During the University, I found that I was so homesick, always at home, reluctant to leave their parents, homesick when the distance has become a serious obstacle. As long as there is a long holiday I ran home. Now, I work in the city, although not in the city of their own life, fortunately, the city is not too far away from home, when I am homesick, the weekend can go home. Separated from the family, they read the behavior of my home was very puzzled, "all day to run home, do not bother?" "Tired? Estimated also tired of it, has not yet felt." I often jokingly said: "because there is no friend in Beijing ah, ha ha." In fact, only I know, I was not completely separated from my family, I was just a child has not yet grown up. I remember when I was in college, the teacher asked us to paint the room, the tree, the people". I drew a house with a garden fence, shade trees, there is a garden in front of the house, so every family. The students said, "I drew a village", yes, I was painting a village, I like that kind of life – the the Peach Garden of Datong society. At that time the teacher analysis, said I did not completely separate from the home, I)相关的主题文章: