The Dead Sea reproduction of the corner of Lop Nor green, the forbidden area spell – breaking public wegener肉芽肿

The "Dead Sea" reproduction of the corner of Lop Nor green, the "forbidden area" spell – breaking public channel in November 10th, through repeated experiments, more than two years of soil improvement, breeding, scientific research personnel of Xinjiang Institute of ecology and geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, built a 1500 square meters of green landscape in the hinterland of Lop Nor, improve the local environment of the world’s largest production of potassium sulfate base – Lop Nor Xinjiang SDIC potash Co Ltd, Lop Nor broke the "green box". "No birds of the sky, no grass on the ground, the wind blown sand run, when the salt crust barrier." This is the "death of the sea," the true portrayal of the extreme environment in Lop Nor. Here the salt crust thickness of 60 cm, after stripping the salt crust soil is still very poor, and the climate factors on local extreme drought, high temperature, wind and salt dust, making the barren here. In this environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xinjiang Institute of ecology and geography desert engineering survey and Design Institute researchers using a series of saline soil reclamation and vegetation protection measures, the breeding of Elaeagnus angustifolia, Parthenocissus, Tamarix, alfalfa, Ammopiptanthus, pumpkin and other 10 kinds of salt resistance and drought resistant plants in the huge create a touch of green sand. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Xinjiang Institute of ecology and geography, engineering survey design desert deputy researcher Sun Yongqiang introduced the greening project not only improved the SDIC Xinjiang Lop Nor potash limited liability company staff of more than 3000 enterprises working and living environment, but also changed the local climate, the base, serving as a model for China’s extreme environment. Lop Nor was the second largest salt lake in Chinese, since the last century, in 70s after the dry, become known as the "life zone". However, in this piece of barren ground, but contains abundant reserves of scarce mineral resources — Potassium salt. With Xinjiang Lop Nor SDIC potash limited liability company and gradually the development of potash resources, it has built the world’s largest potassium sulfate production base, to solve the problem Chinese potash self-sufficiency rate of serious shortage, the "sea of death", and sleeping underground thousands of years to become a "source of wealth".相关的主题文章: