China Telecom Tibet company introduced new measures to combat communications and information fraud – 魔界骑士イングリッド

China Telecom Tibet company issued against fraud information communication initiatives — Tibet channel — original title: Tibet China Telecom issued against fraud information communication initiatives before the China Telecom Tibet company held a meeting to implement the group to further promote communication and guarding against fraud information special action plan "spirit of special arrangements the establishment of a special leading group and the working group, a clear lead department, put forward specific measures. Vertical integration organization. The establishment of guarding against fraud information communication to further promote the special action leadership group, the local network and 7 special working group, to promote collaborative phone users real name registration, network information security and personal information security protection, traffic violations and false code number of prevention and control work monitoring, vertical landing around the city to the local network, County Bureau sure, the person in charge of special work, to promote the work of the special action of collusion, landing, execution, in place. Clear tasks and responsibilities. The special group in the national day, the organization personnel of special study and make a list of responsibilities, a clear responsibility department, responsible person and time requirements, plan arrangement, inverted time, inverted task, according to plan, promote the effective. Ensure that initiatives are in place. Special action must be fully covered, leaving no blind spots, particularly concerned about the weak areas such as agents and pastoral areas. And involving user information, business management and control, key systems and other related personnel to operate the user information confidentiality undertaking, clear responsibility to strengthen the implementation of the confidentiality of the source and prevention. Clear responsibility and discipline. The implementation of accountability mechanisms, serious accountability. Ineffective implementation of the fight against governance, resulting in serious problems of business units, the relevant departments of the company to be severely accountable, never palliative. (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)相关的主题文章: