Dry cleaning shop female boss fraud 170 million pile of gold tempting bait stanley博士的家2

Dry cleaning shop female boss fraud inside the 170 million heap of gold tempting bait someone’s woman sitting on a number of jewelry company, BMW, Land Rover, Audi’s luxury cars and more cars, his net worth billions of dollars, capable of Babel "gold, Fujie, have the same can make you rich overnight" magic "- as long as you money she put in here, you can easily get 30% to 60% of the high interest rates. But, caught in a lie, "Kim Fujie’s face was able to show people. Recently, the Shandong Provincial High Court of final judgment on the crime of fraud defendant Wang Li (a pseudonym) life imprisonment. This is the largest amount of money involved in raising fraud case in Zhaoyuan. Dry cleaning shop female boss, turned into a "golden Fujie" in 70s the last century, Wang Li was born in a common family of cadres in Zhaoyuan City, after graduating from secondary school to get married and later in Zhaoyuan city opened a dry cleaning shop. Just a few years later, relatives and friends were surprised to find that Wang Li will not only dry cleaning shop business of free gifts to others, and is said to her a few years for the gold industry, business is done fast, in Shenzhen, Ji’nan, Zhaoyuan jewelry processing factory and trading firm, with BMW, Land Rover, Audi and more luxury car. More and more people began to look up, look at the "golden fujie". But all this is a Wang Li directed a mirage and insubstantial objects. Zhaoyuan is rich in gold, and gold, Wang Li has become the best props. In order to create the illusion of their wealth, Wang Li in the absence of real transactions, and fabricated a boss Guangxi sale of gold concentrate lies to deceive a private person in charge of Yantai Gan in partnership. In fact, a certain investment Wang Li to pay for a variety of daily high spending. For a long time, GaN has not seen the return, then unilaterally terminate the partnership agreement divestment. Helpless, Wang Li Gan to lay a 5 million yuan iou. A crazy idea spread in her mind. A corporate vice president for investment, even misappropriation of public funds eighty million Zhang Zhaoyuan, an ordinary farmer. In 2000, he heard from others that the legend of Wang Li, and as long as the money can be saved to Wang Li, where you can get 30% to 60% interest. Because with Wang Li’s distant relatives, Zhang tried to about 500000 yuan loan from the bank, will give the money to the hands of Wang Li, waiting for the interest. Not to mention, to the date of interest to pay a total of two hands, Zhang, there is an interest rate of about 300000. However, I was not happy for long. And Wang Li is one of the most fanatical fans, is a vice president of the company. Lee is known by the supplier Zhang Wang Li, heard that Zhang threw about ten million interest in Wang Li, Hua Lala went home with, Lee also quite seductive. Lee began tentatively to divert money into the enterprise Wang Li. Wang Li not only timely payment of interest, and the existence of her money, you can always come up with. So, Lee misappropriation of company money more here in Wang Li, until Wang Li capital chain rupture signs, Zhang let Lee. Lee still can be quickly removed, to believe in Wang Li. And Wang Li also encouraged him to continue to increase investment, until the incident, Lee相关的主题文章: