Nicholas Tse praise is simple, but why is A Jiao always wash white 音羽かなで

Nicholas Tse praise is simple, but why is A Jiao always wash white? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: long cloud said that in the A Jiao in the entertainment program, A Jiao got two friends for their support, one is Sa, one is Nicholas Tse. Nicholas Tse said that A Jiao is a rare girl, cherish her innocence. Unfortunately, Nicholas Tse’s remarks as if users do not buy it. A Jiao was "silly very naive" do not know how to always seem not to forgive, then some people say that A Jiao cannot be forgiven not because those things have been, but A Jiao simply said that before the accident will refuse to premarital sex. This makes some users feel not as good as Cecilia Cheung. Cecilia Cheung seems to have been interviewed when is not a virgin, Cecilia Cheung is very frankly said to be 13 years old, but A Jiao in the accident has been said that his maiden. This is said to be the main reason for not being forgiven. But for Nicholas Tse that A Jiao is really innocent, or Nicholas Tse’s politeness, after all A Jiao and Nicholas Tse just friends, Cecilia Cheung and A Jiao had those things should have been the victims of divorce was not only Nicholas Tse is behind Cecilia Cheung. This can also be seen in Nicholas Tse’s EQ, although behind the divorce, only to continue to be together with Faye Wong, there should be about his unique charm. Throughout the entertainment of the older actress, recently a year seems to be in single and married very quickly, just like how A Jiao is pure and innocent but still very helpless feelings to blank. Entertainment itself is chaotic, in fact, want to maintain the so-called naive and simple itself is very difficult. What’s more, A Jiao, who has a history of A Jiao, was praised by Nicholas Tse for her simplicity and innocence. But once those things, or A Jiao’s innocence and simplicity in the road will go, there will be a letter. After all, compared to other who look coquettish coquettish actress who, when A Jiao rarely exposed basic appearance, is always the girl ‘s image. Unfortunately, most of the time can not go back, what happened is hard to erase. A Jiao, who wants to be emotional, is probably because of the lack of a traditional stain for the traditional male. For A Jiao is not forgiven, some netizens also said the truth: who said so many people forgive? Not so many people say they are guilty, so many people hate them before a man after a trouble was poor, if relatively calm, they are Carina Lau, others do not blame them, is in the way of insulting so many people’s iq! Or A Jiao is the case, after all, a lot of things since the inevitable emergence of a solution to decide whether to get more support and recognition. Rather than the people when the monkey play, such as A Jiao, continue to be very silly very naive do not know when to thoroughly wash the white spots…… Nicholas Tse A Jiao more exciting content, please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: