13 year old girl to a friend’s house at night to chat several men raped rewrite攻略�

13 years old girl friend home at night to chat by several men raped friend chat unexpectedly is the beginning of a nightmare 13 year old girl was high several men raped her at night, one guilty of rape jailed for 7 and a half years of the 17 year old girl Lingao catkins, is often a nightmare awakened, and the nightmare the scene is at the age of 13 she suffered misfortune. One night in July 2012, catkins to chat, friends who know, should be friends and a few men raped. Reporter Chen Dong evil men raped girls in 2012 night one day collusion on the evening of July, Liang Jun (already sentenced) chat on a motorcycle to the victim Liu Lingao County home in Liang Yong. After 11 o’clock that night, Liang Hu, Liang Ping, and so on, also came to the home of the president of the people’s Republic of China in the middle of the home of the family, such as the. During the chat, Liang Jun and Liang et al to discuss a joint relationship with tiger catkins. Liang Jun said to the others, he advanced the room, "hum" after a sound of a signal, and then go to other people. When Liang Jun and willow have sexual relations, Liang Hu has entered the room, forced sexual relations with catkins. Afterwards, the tiger will send beam riding a motorcycle catkins from Liang Yong’s house. According to the convicted Liang Jun account, he entered the room after the willow said: "give me out," Liu said she was afraid, and Liang Jun himself began to take off clothes and catkins, have sexual relations with her, which is against the catkins. Liang Jun explained, the night of the incident, Liang Hu, Liang Ping, Liang Bing and his gang rape catkins. The man guilty of rape jailed for 7 and a half years ruled Liang Hu on suspicion of rape, in 2015 March the initiative to the Public Security Bureau of Lingao surrendered, was detained the same day, in April 29th the same year was arrested according to law. In November 2015, Lingao County People’s Procuratorate to the provisional County People’s court for prosecution, accused of rape tiger beam. Lingao County People’s court held that the defendant Huhuo beam with others and forced under the age of 14 young girls to have sexual relations, their actions constitute the crime of rape. Tiger and his associates to discuss a joint beam prior adultery catkins, the Department of the crime, constitutes rape. Liang Hu raped a girl under 14 years of age, should be severely punished according to law, after the incident in view of its voluntarily surrender, and truthfully confessed crimes, the Department of surrender, a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law. In the joint crime, the role of beam tiger relative to Liang Jun. Combined with the above circumstances, the court decided to reduce the punishment of Liang hu. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law, the judgment of the crime of rape and sentenced to 7 years in prison for 6 months. (the characters are a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: