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The Mid Autumn Festival to open the way | screen program | way | Joker _ Sina entertainment _ Joker Angie Chiu "of a small holiday, with a round cake, and then look at the lively party" can be open with the Mid Autumn Festival in 2016. According to the reporter, Zhejiang TV, Hunan TV station and Beijing are making a distinctive arrangement of Mid Autumn Festival, has never lacked the star to help Hunan TV this year is playing a "star binding" of the way, to the more talented people to provide a display of the stage; the Zhejiang TV show "Chinese new bundle of Mid Autumn Festival the song", used to sit in the red chair mentors tonight will go on stage, and students with hi Fun; Beijing TV style in the arrangement under the foot work, although less of a late autumn, but three days have a good show, let your mid autumn festival music non-stop. Beijing Taiwan show five to create "mid autumn square" from September 15th to 18, the BTV channel will integrate the show five "starry night story", "daily entertainment", "1810", "I blurted out", "2016" to create "at Mid Autumn Festival square, and in the Mid Autumn Festival night will set over the years a fine show broadcast again, let the audience see enough time. "Starry night story" autumn special program "full moon reunion" will be broadcast in late September 15, the program invited six plays an important role in the movie super Grandpa, collision and talent baby group passion. Long legs grandpa Li Guangxi sell adorable funny old urchin doing my grandpa Niu teach you a second young, small dimples grandpa Ma Dehua outspoken a comedian, Grandpa Lantian Chang brain door first show good temper, a magic show too flashy, cool grandfather Wang Wenlin understood the grandpa Ji Lianhai mid autumn class trouble…… In the mid autumn night, the old man’s peace and the laughter of children to better interpret the meaning of "Carnival". Among them, the smile move 2016 will be launched for the three consecutive day of the Mid Autumn Festival special program laughter gathered north and south, the celebration of the mid autumn festival". The three phase of the program theme, the September 15th broadcast of "go out" contest of young people, to introduce Chen Yinquan, Hou Zhenpeng, Gao Xiaopan, You Xianchao, Miao Fu, Wang Sheng and other previous contest winners and young winners from September 16th; "to help the guests to play with Li Jing, Shi Shengjie, Shi Fukuan and other inventory for all the performances September 17th is a selection of works;" all over the country around the "rookie of the comedy show, including Yu Mingbo, comedian Zhang De higher entries. The three phase of the program and strive to bring laughter to the audience from different angles, with the audience to spend the holidays. Oriental TV Venus Wong Cho Lam Logitech "tonight" with paramount "," The Legendary Swordsman "joy" ace comedy comedy hit, Oriental TV can be said with the fire of domestic comedy. During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, presided over by the two gods similar artist Wong Cho Lam and Venus, a scene comedy variety show "tonight" Paramount will premiere debut, and invited Huang Xiaoming to help out. The scene comedy show, refers to Wong Cho Lam and Venus will be in the "celebrity guest room", "cafe" and other different scenes show many hilarious skits, and "star in.相关的主题文章: