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Legal Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to start a new business venture in a foreign country? Do you want to seek employment in the overseas market? There are business friendly nations in the world, which offer great number of options to do the business or be the part of any professional activity. However, you need to apply for the Visa first. Time and again there are changes in the Visa and Immigration policy of countries offering Immigration. These changes make the entire process far more difficult than you could actually think about. Complying with necessary rules and regulations written down by federal Immigration authority of country is a big necessity. There are reasons for you to engage the corporate Immigration services. These services are offered by experienced Visa and Immigration law firms. Reason#1 Free general consultation – Consultation is one thing that will save your soul and prevent you from entering into the hassles. A trained Immigration specialist will engage with you and discuss your requirements and have the understanding of the type of business that you like to get through. There are Immigration law firms offering telephonic consultations, Skype consultations and more. Still better, if you go for face to face consultation with Immigration specialist and apprise him about your intention of moving to another country. Reason#2 Pre – Sponsorship licence assessment The law firm will audit your company and look into other serious aspects, which are important to qualify you for Immigration. The assessment will also help in ascertaining your possibilities to move. The firm will make sure your case is strong enough for presentation before the designated Visa authority of the country. It depends on the type of your business activity for which you can apply for sponsorship licence. You are eligible for following categories: Tier 2- General – Skilled Workers; Intra-Company Transfer; Sportsperson; Minister of Religion Tier 4 – General – Adult Students as well as Child Tier 5 Temporary Worker – Charity Worker; Creative and Sporting; Religious Worker; International Agreement; and the Government Authorised Exchange Reason#3 Consultation for the Business visitor Visa – The business visitor category is meant for people who are willing to visit the country, and engage in the business activity for specific interval of time. This type of category comprises overseas news media representatives, academic visitors, visiting professors, and film crews on location. Reason#4 Consultation on Sole Representative Visa- If you wish to be considered for the Sole Representative Visa, you need to be active in the role of senior management. You should not be a shareholder in the company. Consult the Immigration law firm on this matter as this will be of great advantage to you. Reason#5 Consultation on Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa This type of Visa consultation is offered by the Immigration law firm to the Non-EU migrants, who intend to make investment to either set up the business or take over existing business. You need to show the funding details along with the understanding of English language. The Immigration law firm will definitely provide you with effective advice, in order to make Visa process easy. Reason#6 Consultation on the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) -You should complete the RLMT before sponsoring yourself as a migrant for a particular job, unless, the job finds listing in UKBA Shortage Occupation List (SOL), or you belong to category of switching Immigration, or you are the employee of an organisation. Ask your Immigration lawyer to provide you with detailed information on it. With above reasons clear in your mind, you just need to put up the plan of action in the forefront. 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