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Bodyguard Top 5 Professional Secrets #1 Know The Limitations of Bodyguarding & Your bodyguard company After 20 years involvement in all aspects of extremely high risk security, bodyguard services as a security bodyguard and adjunct instructor of body guard training for just about every joint venture bodyguard company in over 42 countries. I’ve acknowledged that one of the best kept vip security secrets is to know the limitations of bodyguarding and your bodyguard company. I cannot stress how important this is. I have repeatedly listened in to associate vip security instructors employed on a full time salaried basis for an individual bodyguard company informing vip security students about how their body guard training is the best in the world, and how their bodyguarding teachers are the SAS equivalent of the security, bodyguard services industry. In every bodyguard company mentioned above, the dismal level of body guard training offered to these bodyguarding trainees was miserably ineffective to prime them for anything above mundane low risk body guard jobs within the domestic security, bodyguard services industry. Bodyguard Top 5 Professional Secrets #2 Know Your VIP Security Enemies Before You Consider A Security Bodyguard Vocation From just about every International bodyguard company delivering body guard training I have ever witnessed, I’ve only come across two within the bodyguard services industry who teach their bodyguarding students to know your vip security enemies before you consider a security bodyguard vocation. The relevance of this issue should be reiterated as I have witnessed many a bodyguard company churning out hordes of vip security bodyguarding officers, whose only focus is on the most observable enemy. In the real world of bodyguard services every security bodyguard knows that the greatest problem faced by most bodyguarding officers comes from one of the other four enemies, i.e. The first enemy of every security bodyguard is him/her self. The second enemy is the spouse, girl/boy friend and family members of the bodyguard services team members. Third is the local administration of the country in which you are conducting your bodyguard services detail. Fourth is your vip security client, VIP or Principal. The fifth enemy of every security bodyguard is what every security expert deems the understandable enemy in the bodyguard services threat assessment, typically a terrorist, organised crime organisation are the obvious executor. Bodyguard Top 5 Professional Secrets #3 Know The Body Guard Training Level Of Your VIP Security Team Members Throughout my bodyguard services livelihood, I have survived many professionally coordinated attacks against VIP’s under my protection. However the closest I ever came to losing my life was in a dark alley frequented by Soviet Troops and Soviet Mafia Hoods in Latvia. At the time I was working for a bodyguard company as a freelance bodyguard services unit commander. Most of the vip security bodyguarding officers under my command had graduated as a security bodyguard from some of the world’s most reputable body guard training organisations or an individual specialist bodyguard company. However I was frequently tasked with leading teams of bodyguarding officers who were hired in on an as and when required basis. One particular bodyguard company was supposed to checked their bodyguarding certification and as a matter of basic security should have identified they were highly skilled participants of body guard training. In the pursuit of short term greed this particular bodyguard company failed in their due diligence prior to hiring these bodyguarding officers. Afterwards these terribly trained bodyguarding officers caused many dangerous problems some of which breached security and the personal safety of the more professional bodyguard services team members. The closest I ever came to losing my life during a bodyguard services contract was because I didn’t know the body guard training level of your vip security team members. I vowed never to compromise my personal security ever again by making that mistake. Trust me, this is fantastic advice. In my experience, there are more than enough professional vip security bodyguarding officers working the global circuit to ensure you don’t have to work with a less than fully skilled security bodyguard. Bodyguard Top 5 Professional Secrets #4 Know Your Bodyguard Services Patron/s One of the most difficult aspects of being a security bodyguard is getting to know your bodyguard services Patron/s. I still struggle sometimes with this concept despite having conducted hundreds of vip security body guard jobs for clients across four continents. Even though I produce painstakingly researched profile and threat assessments for every individual bodyguard services Patron and vip security contract, it is always difficult to get under the hood to really get to know your bodyguard services Patron/s. When I deliver body guard training for any international bodyguard company I always advise every fee paying security bodyguard in attendance that most bodyguard services Patron/s will only tell you half the story. By definition when a Patron hires the vip security services of bodyguarding professionals,it is likely there has been an actual, or a perceived threat against that Patron, or a member of his/her family or business associate. Paying for bodyguarding professionals from any of professional bodyguard company is a costly undertaking and it is often this reason why bodyguard services Patron/s fail to provide all the relevant information. These vip security Patrons, many of who hail from an aggressive business entrepreneur background, have been disciplined in how to save revenue. If they dumb down the threat against them, they know the bodyguard company will assign less vip security bodyguarding professionals to protect them. Although it is obviously false economy, and it’s pre-programmed for failure I have seen this happen with a number of vip security Patrons. The place to cut costs is not when compiling what should be your well researched profile and threat assessments, prior to vip security contract engagement for any of the body guard jobs you undertake. If you scrimp at this early stage, you will miss the finest opportunity to get know your bodyguard services Patron/s. Bodyguard Top 5 Professional Secrets #5 Know When To Say No To VIP Security Body Guard Jobs When bodyguarding, trainee’s first contact a bodyguard company to enrol on their body guard training programmes with a view to attaining body guard jobs, it is very tempting to say yes to every bodyguard services contract that lands in your lap. The chance to snatch back their body guard training outlay and a blinkered ambition to complete their first bodyguard services contract are the main two reasons why they say yes to every contract. In reality, although it’s often the toughest decision to take, it is right at this early stage of your vip security calling when you have to know when to say no to some vip security body guard jobs. I am the first to admit when I first started my vip security career my underlying ambition was to prove myself as a security bodyguard. This forced me to say yes to many bodyguard services contracts, when I should have refused. It’s one of those lessons that most body guard training programmes fail to teach you. In reality if you don’t learn to know when to say no to vip security body guard jobs,your career could be cut short before it’s had a chance to professionally develop. It is no great secret to close protection security specialists, that many teams of bodyguarding officers who have scrimped when conducting their own body guard training foolishly accept bodyguard services contracts which sadly delivered fatal consequences on various body guard jobs. Copyright (c) 2009 Dr Mark Yates About the Author: Dr. Mark D. Yates is globally recognised as The British American Security Expert. He has conducted high risk close protection operations, counter terrorism & SWAT training in 42 countries. A top 5 global protection specialist. Government, military special forces, law enforcement & businesses hire his security expertise. 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