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The Need For Singapore And Hong Kong Company Incorporation By: startupregistry | Apr 4th 2013 – The success and rapid growth of Asian nations over the past few years has meant Asian developing financial systems happen to be influenced a lot more than other areas from the third world through the global character from the recession. Tags: Hong Kong Company Incorporation Guide 2011 By: startupregistry | Mar 12th 2013 – Correctly structured Hong Kong clients are a tax-efficient corporate structure inside a market globally respected like a leading business hub. Therefore, increasing numbers of people establish their very own companies in Hong Kong with various reasons, which improve not just the look of the organization itself, but the comp … Tags: Naming Guidelines For Hong Kong Limited Company Name By: magdalene | May 30th 2012 – Naming Guidelines for Hong Kong Limited Company Name Tags: Naming Guidelines For Hong Kong Limited Company Name By: madhulika | May 29th 2012 – Naming Guidelines for Hong Kong Limited Company Name Tags: 2012 The Latest Guideline Of Hong Kong Company Formation By: ken xu | Feb 28th 2012 – We know Hong Kong is always favored by worldwide investors due to its established legal system, simplified taxation system, low taxation rate, well-equipped infrastructure and communication facilities, advanced financial and banking service system, and high quality professionals. Tags: Brief Introduction Of The Merits Of Hong Kong Company Incorporation By: ken xu | Feb 20th 2012 – With advantages in geography, economy, infrastructure, communication, legal system and other aspects, Hong Kong provides all-round services for investors all over the world to do business. Thousands of international enterprises benefit a lot by setting up their companies in Hong Kong. It has been pursuing open policy all th … Tags: Reasons Why Hong Kong Is Preferred As A Regional Headquarters Destination By: Bryan Wong | Jan 12th 2012 – Hong Kong has the highest density of regional corporate headquarters for any city in the world. There are several reasons why so many multinational companies prefer to setup their regional headquarters in Hong Kong. The most important of these reasons include ease of doing business, low taxes and proactive government polici … Tags: What To Do After Registering A Business In Hong Kong By: Bryan Wong | Jan 6th 2012 – After registering a company in Hong Kong which takes only about three working days to complete, there are a few other formalities that you need to complete. Apart from the mandatory requirements such as registering with the Inland Revenue Department, you may have other things to complete as well related to employees and off … Tags: How To Set Up A Company In Hong Kong? By: ken xu | Dec 25th 2011 – Hong Kong, as an international financial center, with no trade barrier, free flow of capital, perfect legal framework, high transparency of regulation, simple tax system and low tax rate, attracts many investors to do investment and set up Hong Kong companies to develop their business. Thousands of international enterprises … Tags: Relying On Hong Kong’s Superiority To Enjoy International Resources By: ken xu | Nov 23rd 2011 – Due to its geography and special history, Hong Kong has a significant influence internationally. Meanwhile, the superior business environment attracts massive investors to doing business in Hong Kong. Tags: Hong Kong Company Management From Overseas By: Bryan Wong | Nov 11th 2011 – Hong Kong has some of the most flexible laws for foreign business owners in the city. Foreigners are not only allowed 100 per cent ownership of companies incorporated in the city, but it is actually possible to effectively manage the Hong Kong business from overseas. Every aspect of the business can be taken care of remotel … Tags: How To Use Hong Kong Platform To Enter Into Chinese Market? By: ken xu | Nov 2nd 2011 – With the spreading of European and American crisis, and under the background of the increasing unstable of world economic, international market has become the core issues for balance development of global economy, and developing new market also has become hot issues for global enterprises. China as a representative of the e … Tags: Set Up Hong Kong Company To Accelerate The Enterprise’s Globalization Development By: ken xu | Oct 7th 2011 – Hong Kong is one of the most important cities in Asia, playing an increasing significant role as a bridge for world economy. Hong Kong has become one of the most open and export-oriented economy systems in the world, and successfully developed into a trading hub and service center as well as the world’s financial center. Tags: Easy Way To Get Your Business Started In China And Hong Kong By: dada-henry | Jan 16th 2011 – most people may have the thought of doing business in China or Hong Kong, coz the recovering speed of economic crisis in China is the fastest and Hong Kong is also one of the four freest company registry Kingdom in the world. Accordingly, you will be interested in the article below. Tags: Hong Kong The Far East Connection For Alaska By: cristonlee | Dec 15th 2010 – Recently Donald Tong Chi-keung, the most senior representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, presented the industrial strengths, financial highlights and business potentials and the relationship of Hong Kong with the United States during his visit to Alaska. Tags: Hong Kong Streamlines Company Formation By: Roger Lee | Jun 16th 2010 – In order to make Hong Kong company law more business-friendly, the government has launched a comprehensive effort to rewrite the Companies Ordinance. Tags: Why Hong Kong Offshore Company Formation Is Popular? By: Roger Lee | Jun 14th 2010 – A Hong Kong offshore company is a very popular vehicle for conducting offshore banking activities, international trade, investment activities, and for asset protection. Tags: Company Incorporation – Why Do Global Entrepreneurs Gravitate To Singapore And Hong Kong? By: Roger Lee | May 22nd 2010 – Hong Kong and Singapore have been consistently topping the list in the Doing Business Report compiled by the World Bank every year. This is due to the business-friendly policies followed in both the countries like low import and export costs, well-framed laws for protecting investors, and labour regulations that favour empl … Tags: 相关的主题文章: