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Press-Releases Dear President Obama, You promised us change, but what we got is a continuation of many of the civil liberties policies of the past administration. Change would have meant reinstating anti-COINTELPRO regulations that the Attorney General’s Guidelines released on May 30,2002 rescinded, so it would once again be illegal for the FBI to monitor and conduct surveillance of religious and political groups without evidence of wrongdoing. Change would have been to put a stop to the growth of Watch Lists which already contain the names of over 1.1 million Americans. Change would have been to create a mechanism for citizens to discover if federal or local intelligence police units have been monitoring them. Change would have been creating a framework for the review and audit of intelligence files by a neutral third party. Change would have been to create better oversight for the 71 fusion centers now in our country. Change would have been to put limits on the ability of police departments to conduct surveillance of First Amendment activity in the absence of criminal wrongdoing. Change would have been to stop the abuse of the states secret doctrine to hide government misconduct. Change would have been to stop police from using GPS to track American citizens without first getting a warrant. Change would have been to review surveillance law to stop the expansion of the government’s authority to conduct domestic surveillance without evidence of wrongdoing. Change would have been to stop the use of organized stalking tactics to surveill and harass citizens. Change would have been nominating a full complement of members to The Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. Change, Mr. President, would have been for you to restore the Constitutional protections of our liberty that due process and checks and balances afforded us before the "War on Terror" took them away from us. It’s not too late, Mr. President, to be a guardian of our civil liberties. You can be the President who creates a new cabinet level department, The Department of Civil Liberties, so that never again would there be Red Squads in America, or the FBI using COINTELPRO tactics, or Americans who have committed no wrongdoing being put under 24/7 surveillance and subjected to organized stalking tactics and in some cases targeted electromagnetic radiation attacks. That would give us the real change you promised and restore the rule of law in America. For a detailed account of the many violations of civil liberties a targeted individual experiences on a daily basis, please visit my website at . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: