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UnCategorized Energy prices are going up and most families are worried about the cost of heating their home and are looking for ways to lower fuel costs. However it can be difficult to find a system that is absolutely perfect and this is where choosing a hybrid system could really pay off. This is a system that chooses the most cost effective way of heating the home and consists of several different components to optimize results. This includes the use of a heat pump to enable heating and cooling through electricity, as well as implementing the use of a gas furnace for those times when the temperature drops dramatically. It’s this use of fossil fuels and electricity that increases the efficiency of the hybrid system, giving owners lower fuel costs. The advantages are easy to see as when it is very cold, gas furnaces are able to deliver blasts of heat, adding to the home comfort by making the house feel toasty. However, this isn’t so great during the milder months, and the heat produced by a heat pump can be more preferable. Heat pumps deliver hot air at lower temperatures than traditional furnaces, and can often lead to a home feeling slightly more comfortable during milder months. Hybrid Systems Automatically Switch for Energy Efficiency Your hybrid system will automatically switch over to the most efficient way of heating your property so there’s nothing for you to do but sit back and enjoy the benefits of lower fuel bills and increased home comfort. Heat pumps are very efficient at extracting heat from the air, even when it feels relatively cold outside. The advantage of doing so is that this heat is effectively free even though it still costs money to actually pump it inside the home. During the months when the weather isn’t particularly cold, running a heat pump can be extremely effective. However, when the temperatures drop during winter it can become more economical to use a gas furnace. Hybrid systems will reach a certain point at which they’ll switch over to using the furnace. Cost Effectiveness of Using a Hybrid System The cost effectiveness of using a hybrid system can vary quite a lot depending on the equipment used and the age of your system. Older systems and systems that have been poorly maintained will waste more energy. All hybrid systems will have a certain amount of manufacturer required maintenance, and this will almost certainly include a fall furnace tune up. And this time of year you should be checking to make sure the thermostat, air exchangers, humidifiers and air cleaners within your system are working correctly. Filter changes can help make the system more efficient, as can duct cleaning as this will allow the maximum amount of air to be pumped throughout the house. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Hybrid System with Electronic Zoning and Thermostats Electronic zoning and the use of multiple thermostats can help increase the effectiveness of your hybrid system. Certain rooms are always more difficult to heat and others, and using electronic zoning will help even out the temperature differences. Using multiple thermostats that constantly read the temperatures within their zone will enable the system to work accordingly. It’s also great for those rooms you would like a little warmer or cooler. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: