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Travel-and-Leisure How to Get to San Francisco by Air on the Cheap Like any destination, the fastest and the comfortable way to reach San Francisco is by flying. What is good about San Francisco is that you have many choices on where to land and depart for there are three airports in this city. Most international arrivals and departures are catered in the San Francisco International which is 16 km from the citys center. However, do not be surprised if your flight will take you to the secondary airports of Oakland and San Jose airports especially if you are coming or have a connecting flight from Mexico. If you are booking for San Francisco cheap flights, Oakland and San Jose airports are your best places to land with many carriers offering discounted and more affordable airfare. Like any other destinations, choosing San Franciscos secondary airports can save you money. Lastly, if you have no choice but to land in the main airport, try to book your flight during off-peak season so that you can still take advantage of cheap flight offers. When to Get Cheap Flights to San Francisco There are certain times in a year when you can book cheap flights to any destination. The rates for San Francisco cheap flights that you have now from your agency may not be the cheapest rate around. A rule of the thumb in any cheap flight is to book at the right time. Book your flight to San Francisco when there are fewer tourists and visitors if you want to experience this beautiful city without spending a lot of money. So when is this off-peak season?Winter months is the best time to get San Francisco cheap flights with visitors opting for warmer weather and would rather go to ski resorts like in Aspen. With lesser tourists, airlines want to attract passengers by cutting their airfare. Also, book your cheap flights in San Francisco in days when few people travel- from Tuesdays to Thursdays. Another trick is to get your flight during midweek and avoid flying from Friday till Monday. Also, skip San Francisco when there are holidays and people have free time from work to travel. Last but the least, advance booking can also help in getting cheaper fare. Quick Guidelines in Booking San Francisco Cheap Flights Flying to San Francisco for lesser cost sounds very attractive but there are some things to remember when booking your San Francisco cheap flights. You must be aware that the best place to look and get cheap flights is through the internet with countless sites offering cheap flights. You can start by visiting major travel websites with good reputation as well as those sites that your family and friends can recommend. Aside from the internet, visit your local travel agencies and ask people if they are reputable and trustworthy. Instead of booking in major airlines, there are many low-cost airlines that have cheaper airfares. Cheap flights are also offered during off-peak or when few people travel and in the case of San Francisco, book during midweek and during the cooler months. Another secret when it comes to booking cheap flights is to gather all cheap flights offers and choose the one that are really the cheapest. Lastly, check out for hidden charges like taxes, account surcharges and other fees. Vacation Packages to San Francisco with Cheap Flights If you try to book cheap flights online, offers for San Francisco cheap flights are usually part of travel deals like vacation packages. And with this, you can truly save a big amount of money if you get these whole holiday packages compared to cheap flights alone. If you get a vacation package, your hotel accommodation and rental are already covered aside from airfare; some packages also include guided tours, transportation and even meals. When you avail these packages, you will realize that you will save a lot of money with some packages particularly those last-minute sales are cheaper that the actual airfare. There are some vacation packages for San Francisco that include airfare and a 3-night stay in luxurious hotel for less than $500. If you want to skip these luxurious hotels, there are also packages that offer more affordable accommodation choices like hostels and inns. Therefore, aside from booking cheap flight, avail these travel deals for a truly affordable and memorable vacation in San Francisco. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: