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Music The South Korean song, which was released on July, 15, 2012, didn’t take long to become a UK number one hit and then to break in America and in every corner of the World. Nowadays, it’s present almost everywhere, and by everywhere I mean: At the China Open 2012 – The world’s second best tennis player, Novak Djokovic put quite a show during this year’s tournament. Even though it wasn’t his idea, he decided to live up to his fans’ promise and danced to Psys Gangnam Style, after he defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Nothing was planned, Novak Djokovic was quoted saying. I was talking to fans who suggested to me to do that dance at the end of the tournament in case I win. The tournaments compere reminded Djokovic of his promise and he didn’t have much choice but to show off his dance moves. At the Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Philippines Around one thousand Filipino inmates danced to the smash hit and mimicked the horseback-like dancing. There’s no doubt these prisoners are doing time Gangnam Style. Well, let’s not forget that a tribute to Psy’ hit was paid at the U.S. Naval Academy, at various wedding celebrations, at many parties and all kinds of social gatherings. However, the good news is that a brand new Gangnam style-like song is going to be released soon, since Korean rapper Psy is already writing it, and he is writing it in English. In a recent interview with BBC, the 34-year-old rapper revealed that he started writing the song this week, but he also admitted that it’s really hard, because of the pressure to overcome Gangnam Style. Although he is the first Korean pop artist to score a UK number one and he recently signed a contract with Justin Bieber-backed Schoolboy Records, the truth is, Psy is not as popular as his music video. Thats a big problem for me right now, so Ive got to overcome my music video first. Ive got to come to the UK, Ive got to go everywhere to promote myself, who I am and what Ive done for 12 years in Korea, the South Korean admitted, adding: "I’ve got to come to the UK, I’ve got to go everywhere to promote myself, who I am and what I’ve done for 12 years in Korea." Well, we truly wish him best of luck and in an act of support we finish this post ‘Gangnam Style’ . About the Author: Hey, guys! I’m Emilija, the blogger who helps you keep up with the latest happenings in the world of entertainment. Be it a funny video, picture, or meme in the viral-logy section, I’m here to blog about the most trending topics at the moment. Article Published On: – Music 相关的主题文章: