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Internet-and-Business-Online With just the plain and simple fact that we are doing business online is already a clear indication that we are steadily going green. Doing business online means that we are doing things without the use of paper. Just imagine the number of trees that we can save from being cut down and turned to paper just because there is less demand in actual paperwork like printing, photocopying, mailing, and filing that we have now so used to in a traditional business set-up. When we are doing business online, we store everything in the computer. We can easily go about sending and receiving documents that were just scanned and sent to us/received by us via email. And all of it is stored and filed away conveniently for easy access whenever we need it in the near future. The challenging part, though, is how to keep track of all these files. But, it’s all a matter of organization and deserves an entirely different post altogether! But, how green can you get when doing your internet business? In an era where doing business online is just not enough; we must also contribute as well as do our part of social responsibility in making sure that what we do can help the environment for the common social good. In the first place, we now live in a global village where in we all look out for one another. Your internet business, although it does not use any paper, still needs to run on energy. To begin with, you turn on the lights, the computer, and the airconditioning unit or heater when you work. Then, you would also probably be turning on the TV or the radio and charging not just one but two of your mobile phones and other gadgets as well! Well, believe it or not, we could still do our bit and be a part of going green in our online business! According to, here are the ten things that we can attempt to do when going green: 1. Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting 2. Offset Your Carbon Usage 3. The 350 lbs. Project 4. Join 1% For the Planet 5. Offer Eco-Incentives to Subscribers 6. Encourage Green Lifestyle Changes 7. Simplify Your Design 8. Speed Up Your Site 9. Use Printer-Friendly Versions of Content 10. Consider Your Colors Even if we try just one of these simple steps from our end can really make a significant impact on the environment and the common social good. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: