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Travel-and-Leisure Asuncion is a charming and pleasant South American city with a number of cheap shopping, festivals, nightlife and restaurants, remarkable Paraguay hotels as well as historic and cultural sights and a number of sports activities from horseback riding to river cruises and fishing. Asuncin is frequently known as the cheapest city in the world. It’s not a major tourism destination but is surely a place where you get goods and services worth your money. The capital city of Paraguay Asuncin is situated on the eastern bank of Paraguay River next to the border with Argentina. It is a hillside city with a gorgeous colonial and modern center, in which you will find probably the most modern hotels in Paraguay . The actual population of this metropolitan area of Asuncion is more than a million. It is one of the oldest cities in South America, having a homogenous population of mestizos that has retained a lot of characters of the indigenous Guaran culture in Paraguay. You will find plenty of sights and activities in which you and see and practice in Asuncin: shopping, nightlife and horse riding. There you wont manage to find world famous sights but this city is wonderful in its own way and you can see a lot of things including historic cathedrals and museums and you may enjoy boating and horse-riding trips and abundant nightlife. Historical attractions in Asuncion are mainly situated in downtown riverfront and include the Metropolitan Cathedral, the old and new National Congress buildings, the Church of La Encarnacin as well as the Panten Nacional de los Hroes, a monument for the soldiers who died in the Chaco War. The main street of Calle Palma in downtown Asuncin hosts numerous historic buildings and plazas, along with restaurants, charming Asuncion hotels and cafs. The museums in Asuncion comprise the Manzana de la Rivera, a group of restored old traditional houses, as well Godoi Museum, The National Art Museum, Municipal Museum, and Visual Arts Museum. The old railway station in Asuncin is a favorite tourist attraction and offers train trips for tourists to the nearby towns of Luque and Aregu. There’s also a zoo in Asuncin to visit. The other thing that Asuncion is famous for is that it is rated as the cheapest city on the planet, and it offers good value shopping for numerous types of goods from handicrafts to electronics. There are numerous places for shopping in Asuncion including open-air markets and many shopping malls. Nightlife in Asuncion is lively and varied, consisting of bars, cafs, nightclubs and casinos. You will find also theaters and live music presented. Asuncin hosts a popular carnival in late February / early March. There’s also an yearly trade fair in July. Other activities provided involve boat tours in Asuncion that are very famous among the tourists for wildlife viewing. Fishing in Paraguay River is additionally possible, as the river is home to Dorados, popular game fishes. There are several local tour operators that arrange horseback riding and also hiking in nearby national parks. The city also has a golf club with an 18-hole golf course. If you have decided to visit this exceptional city you can book online hotel in Paraguay , and you may be sure that youll have the best holiday at the best possible price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: