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Health Imagine stress-free visits to the dentist! Offering this with ease, Bright Side Dental is the leading-edge cosmetic dentist, with three convenient offices in the Detroit, Michigan area located in Sterling Heights, Livonia and Canton. In the past cosmetic dentistry had been considered a luxury. But in contemporary professional and personal situations, an unsightly smile can give a poor impression and silently hold you back. So it has now become necessary to fix bad-looking teeth. And its so easy to fix ones smile, especially at Bright Side Dental. Open evenings and Saturdays, scheduling appointments is much easier with the longer office hours offered at Bright Side Dental. Aside from cosmetic dentistry, all the traditional dental services that you might need are available under one roof, including extractions, root canals, dental implants, dental and gum surgery and even orthodontics. All these services, offered under one roof, makes ease of an often troubled activity. Theres no more need to go to other offices, schedule time with other dental practices, or fill out additional forms. The simplicity of one office really makes a difference, especially if you need to bring your family to the dentist, as you can schedule several different family members at the same time or with successive appointments! You really will notice the difference in the level of care and treatment given at Bright Side Dental. The office policy, set as a standard by Dr. Gershonowicz and Dr. Neme who founded Bright Side is to treat their patients just the same as they would want to be treated. Dr. Gershonowicz further explains their standard, We are here for you and your family. We created Bright Side Dental with YOUR FAMILY in mind. We are a gentle dentist, and schedule appointments around your life. We offer practically every dental procedure and service your family needs, in order to simplify your dental appointments. Dental financing can be a very important factor in planning your dental work. Bright Side Dental offers Care Credit, a stress-free payment program. It takes a few minutes to apply, which can be done over the phone or in the office, and treatment can begin as soon as the approval comes through, which is almost always right away. There are usually no down payments or annual fees with Care Credit, with several payment plans offered. The funds can be used for any family member and can cover the entire cost of any procedure, or just the deductible, co-payment, or any portion of the treatment not covered by the insurance plan. Care Credit offers a revolving credit line, which means that the balance available can be applied to on-going treatment, additional procedures and any other family members without any need to re-apply. Should you wish to pay off the loan early, there are never any pre-payment penalties. Bright Side Dental is a proud, leading-edge cosmetic dentist with three convenient offices in the Detroit, Michigan area. Offering cosmetic dentistry and everything else with ease, stress-free dental visits begin with the way you are treated, and are emphasized by the care and compassion you receive in the dental chair. Easy payments plans add to the simplicity of visiting Bright Side with locations in Sterling Heights, Livonia and Canton. About the Author: Whether you are trying to get into shape, get into better shape or are in the very best shape of your life, you will be able to benefit from these terrific physical fitness tips which can assist you reach any fitness objective that you want. < … 相关的主题文章: