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Tips To Aid Compliance With Global Data Privacy Laws Posted By: brianwarren company international expansion international accounts paya company international expansion Posted By: brianwarren international financial accounting doing business overseas international financial accounting Posted By: brianwarren doing business overseas company international expansion in doing business overseas Scrutiny Of Representative Offices In China Increased Posted By: brianwarren China has tightened the procedures for setting up and renewal of foreign company Representative Office (RO) and stipulates stricter supervision of rep office operations. For multinationals, this means increased compliance efforts and costs for setting up and renewal of their RO or rep office in China. Representative Offices also need to be more vigilant in ensuring they operate within the limits of permissible activities and comply with all registration terms as the new provisions enhance the powers of the authorities when dealing with illegal cases. In a company international expansion, most companies face increased paperwork as a series of documents need to be notarized and authenticated when the rep office applies for renewal, especially in pilot cities like Shanghai. Further, the notice permits setting up of rep office only for companies existing for more than two years. The representative office term of duration has decreased and will need to renew their registration certificate every year as against the earlier permissible term of three years. For existing rep offices, the one year limit begins when they apply for renewal upon expiry of their existing term. The cap on Number of Representatives is restricted to business expansion tax equalization expat international accounts payable intercompany transfer pricing eu vat rules international business expansion Impact Of The Uk Budget On Your Business Posted By: brianwarren permanent establishment international accounting internation permanent establishment Expanding Your Business In Canada: Risky Or Rewarding? Posted By: brianwarren Canada is known as the entrepreneurial Garden of Eden. The fundamental balancing act of all business ventures is low risks and high gains, and if you are ready to make a leap, Canada may be just the perfect place to land. As the natural resources of Canada run as deep as its waterfalls, there is ample investment and blue collar opportunity in Canada. Though it is all mining, pumping, fishing and farming, the man-made industry is equally robust. Business Opportunities With low inflation, business costs and steady economic growth, Canada offers good trade and investment opportunities in a long list of sectors for companies interested indoing business overseas. Canada is a wealthy, high-tech industrial society, with an economy that resembles the US in its market-oriented system, pattern of production, and affluent living standards. The country enjoys a substantial trade surplus with the US, which absorbs nearly 80% of Canadian exports each year. Financing All levels of government in Canada offer various levels of grants in order to assist investors in making business investments here.doing business overseas company international expansion inte doing business overseas Are Contractors The Way To Bliss Or Bust? Posted By: brianwarren permanent establishment international accounting intercompa permanent establishment Expanding Your Business In Argentina – What You Need To Know Posted By: brianwarren The Argentine economy is expected to continue to grow strongly in 2011 driven by the same factors that yielded such favorable results in 2010. The economy rebounded sharply in 2010, growing by nine percent, from the relatively mild effects that the world economic crisis had on Argentina in 2009. There has also been a rebound in the GDP which has been triggered by the expansionary policies and commodity exports. This trend has been largely maintained, creating millions of jobs and encouraging internal consumption. Although expanding a business into Argentina market, offers tremendous potential, the only way to know if your business is ready is by doing a meticulous market research. Business opportunities in Argentina The doors are open in a wide range of sectors here, and the most promising business sectors, in Argentina, are the Creative industries and Fashion, Education AND Training, Environment, Healthcare and Medical Devices, Oil, Gas AND Power, etc. Market Entry Strategy A good business plan should never be underestimated as it is the key to success. A plan needs to provide clarity on how you intend to take your business by encompassing your objectives, forecasts and routes.regulatory filings international business expansion company regulatory filings Eu Vat- How Eu Vat Rules Vary Among Eu Members Posted By: brianwarren EU VAT rules Company international expansion international EU VAT rules Cyprus An Overview Of The Tax Laws Posted By: brianwarren With any move overseas, it is vital that you do your homework so that you are aware if it is viable to transfer your business there. The issue of regulation, laws and the cost of opening and running your business will probably dictate whether you decide to go ahead or not because there are substantial differences between countries, even those within the EU. A new legislation in Cyprus requires companies which are incorporated in Cyprus to register with the tax authorities and obtain their Tax Identification Code (T.I.C) within 60 days from their incorporation, while companies which are not yet registered must do so by June 30, 2011 to avoid penalties. The directive is among the several amendments to the Cyprus tax legislation made in December 2010 with the aim to streamline certain provisions of the Cyprus tax legislation. In a business expansionin Cyprus, it is also important to note that the new amendments aim to strengthen the anti-evasion provisions in the legislation and impose additional taxes and penalties for non-compliance and late payment of taxes. If you are interested in setting up a business in Cyprus, here is a brief overview of the tax expansion company international expansion expat ta business expansion Stay Updated With Hr Regulations For Overseas Ventures Posted By: brianwarren international business expansion company international expan international business expansion Terminating International Employees Posted By: brianwarren international business expansion international expansion international business expansion Don’t Throw Away Your Profits Posted By: brianwarren Tax planning is a year-round event if you want to minimize your business’s tax bill. Compared to local markets, doing business internationally presents some unique challenges. In a company international expansion, you need the help of a professional whether it’s surviving an audit, capitalizing on business deductions, or finding tax-friendly ways to run your business, to help reduce your tax obligations and make paying taxes less anxiety provoking. For instance, the top corporate income tax level in the United States is 35 percent. In the United Kingdom, it’s 28 percent. But in Ireland, it’s only 12.5 percent and in Bermuda there’s no corporate income tax at all. In the current economic climate, the last thing you want to do is to pay hard-earned profits as unnecessary taxes. Here are a few ways you can minimize them. EUROPEAN UNION Changed VAT rules for taxation of services apply from January 1, 2010. Business to Business (B2B) supplies of services will be taxed in the country where the customer is located. However, Business to Consumer (B2C) supplies of services will continue to be taxed where the supplier is business expansion international expansion international business expansion Overcoming The Challenges Of Funding A Foreign Operation Posted By: Gladeyas trading economics company international expansion internatio trading economics 相关的主题文章: