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Writing-and-Speaking In the next few years, entrepreneurs and thought leaders, as well as tech specialists are predicting that mobile internet will topple fixed internet access as the most viable tool for online consumption. This is not surprising, since in the last few years, we have seen a radical shift in the use of mobile devices. In fact, according to studies, in the next few years, the number of mobile phones will exceed the number of human beings on earth. Thus, it is very importantfor every business owner to ask the following question: should you go for a mobile website, or should you invest in a mobile app? Address your needs Both mobile applications and websites are quite cost effective these days in particular when you consider the ROI of what can become your number one advertising and marketing device. Your decision can actually affect how clients will perceive you; do business with you and whether they find your service as competitive and reliable in the market. Expectations What are your expectations and desires? Do you simply want your current and potential customers to easily pull up information about your company on a mobile device? If so, a mobile friendly website should suffice. However, if youre looking for a true marketing tool that will allow you to communicate with your consumers easily and provide certain performance such as loyalty rewards, alerts, shopping cart, etc. a custom mobile application may be a much better solution for your corporation. Budget Constructing and maintaining a mobile website may be less expensive. If your finances is really tight, a mobile website may be something to experiment with. You do need to consider the ROI of your mobile app when making your decision, though. Of course, it all depends on how you use the mobile gadgets. If your mobile software is loaded with tools that will help you draw in new and repeat customers, you may quickly acknowledge that the application easily pays for itself. Also, don’t forget that the design and development of a custom software does not have to be overly expensive contrary to what most business owners think. The cost of developing a customized software for a modest business is around one thousand dollars with ImIn Marketer. The monthly hosting/upkeep fee ranges from $49 to $99. Therefore, mobile apps are certainly cost-effective but more importantly effective marketing and advertising devices. Would you like to be able to quickly send messages to everyone who has downloaded your application with a single push of a button? This can easily be performed if your application is equipped with Push Notification functionality. Would you like to make is super-easy for your clients to share information about your business with family and friends? If your app makes it easy to connect all the major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, your potential outreach should greatly increase because of the app. It is essential for every business to make it easy to do business with. Customers are all about convenience more than ever. They turn to their mobile gadgets for quick and easy access to information and special functionality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: