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Health From birth we begin to develop social anxiety as we become more self-conscious. Everyone can remember a time when they felt shy or embarrassed at school. Remember being asked to stand and give answers to a math question you weren’t paying attention to in class? Or being called up to the principals office? Even young infants display shyness. Often babies are much more reserved around people they are not familiar with. Growing up, children face being embarrassed, told off by adults and teased by their peers. By the time they turn into teenagers, puberty kicks and multiple physical and mental changes happen. Young people begin feeling things different emotionally. As they grow more self-aware they become insecure about how they are perceived by their peers. Everybody has experienced a moment of shyness. Meeting new people, public speaking and even talking on the phone can create feelings of shyness. Social anxiety disorder is different in that sufferers usually feel anxious when other people are around. Those with this disorder are terrified of making mistakes in front of others and inevitably find daily life difficult to bear. They may even feel anxious walking down a street. Some of the common symptoms of social phobia include dry mouth, choking sensation, a pounding heart and sweating. Symptoms of social anxiety can worsen if the sufferer is in an emotional state or in poor health. Fatigue, worry and stress can exacerbate their condition. Each social experience might also produce different levels of anxiety. A sufferer might not experience anxiety around close friends and family. People who have social phobia might be considered as shy but this does not define what this disorder is. Sufferers of social phobia will do anything to try and avoid being in the spotlight of others. Social anxiety can however develop from constant feelings of shyness and negative past experiences. A person can learn to become afraid of something through negative associations. Most sufferers develop fears from one bad experience that is followed by others. Now when a similar situation arises they immediately link it to their past bad experiences and that’s when they start to panic. Fears can be conquered through controlled and gradual exposure to situations that would trigger anxiety. More importantly profound changes to the unconscious mind can lead to full recovery. Therapies such as hypnosis and CBT deal with the aspect of adjusting thought patterns and behavior. The importance of physical health and wellbeing is often ignored in the treatment of social phobia. Anxiety and stress can be greatly reduced through exercise and maintaining a healthy body. With better physical health a person will also feel more confident about themselves. 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