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UnCategorized Certainly the main attractions of the Loire are romance, history and architecture. The renaissance chateaux built by Charles VIII, Francois I, Catherine de Medici and other royals during the hundred years that the French court relocated to the Loire Valley from Paris it a distinctive storybook charm. Like the river Loire, this vast region runs through the heart of French life. The lush Loire valley is supremely regal. Its sophisticated cities, luxuriant landscape and magnificent wine and food and wine add up to a bourgeois paradise. It is now classed as part of the world heritage of mankind by Unesco (from Chalonnes-sur-Loire to Sully-sur-Loire). Overindulgence is no sin in this rich region. Surly queens, foppish kings, evil princesses and scheming mistresses and aristocrats sculpted a flat riverbed valley into an enchanting fairytale landscape like no other place in Europe or the world, for that matter. Unlike the chateaux of the Loire Valley, the Loire Valley wines are a perennial secret. Some of France’s best winemaking occurs here although few Americans are aware of it. Even many French are unaware of some of the wonders now being produced in the Loire Valley. But wine-shop and wine bar and sommeliers, and all the wine press from Paris, London Brussels and Tokyo in the know spend their vacations visiting the Val de Loire. The Loire Valley is the location of Sir Mick Jagger’s favourite second residence a 16th century chateau called La Fourchette near Amboise. In London he may be affectionately known as the lead singer of Strolling Bones but in France is known as Mick de Fourchette, le pape du rock, le pere Mick, Le Seigneur de Fourchette, Dr. Jagger, sexy papy British and Mister Mick. He comes here every summer. In under 70 minutes he is whisked from London in a chartered three-person taxi-plane. Here in this quiet backwater of the Loire Valley in Touraine with its caves, woods and vineyards, he can relax with family and friends. He is often seen at the village fete or playing with one of his grandchildren in a local cafe. He drives around in his Opel station wagon or little Nisan micra. He returns year after year for the quality, ambiance, and the unusual. He even plays cricket for Saumur when he is in Touraine. Todays the vacation industry offers a great number of proposals on luxury vacations, such as romantic luxury villas, luxury home vacations, luxury villa vacations, the world cruise vacations, golfing villa vacation and fairytale chateaux vacation rentals. The most popular luxury vacations are when you exclusively rent your own castle or villa and you stay there completely alone or with your partner or with extended family and friends all waited upon by staff who make you feel like royalty. Your vacation can be fully catered with delicious gourmet cuisine being served up for every meal. An exclusive castle rentals can include staff if you require (the number varying depending on the size of castle). Luxury chateaux are fully equipped with all the conveniences of home. Additional amenities such as extensive DVD libraries and CDs with flat-screen televisions, cable television, DVD players if not standard can be requested. Baby equipment and babysitting can usually be provided. These items may also be hired provided advance notice is given. Limousine transfers to and from airports can be arranged. The chateau can be stocked with any wines, groceries, or special dietary requirements or wine that you require. Hire cars can be delivered to the airport or the chateau. Many of the visitors are repeat clients. The aim of renting a luxury castle exclusively is to make a holiday as stress-free and relaxing as possible. Luxury castle rentals are known around the world by discriminating traveller’s for custom designed vacations of extra-ordinary value and extraordinary value, and for personalized, dedicated service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: