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Quit-Smoking The problem with many electronic cigarettes is that they are made with three separate parts. These include the battery, atomizer and cartridge. These three parts can be tough to handle in most cigarettes. However, the Green Smoke electronic cigarette works with only two parts. Anyone who wants an electronic cigarette that is easy to handle should see this Green Smoke review with regards to how the two part design works. The first part of the Green Smoke design is the battery. This is the traditional white part of the electronic cigarette. This can be recharged with ease when needed by simply inserting the battery into a charging device that can be plugged into a wall outlet or computer device depending on the type of charger that is being used. The second part is the cartridge. The cartridge will have a brown design just like with any other electronic cigarette cartridge. However, the big difference between the Green Smoke cartridge and another kind is that the Green Smoke cartridge will feature an atomizer that has been built in. The problem with a spare atomizer on a three party electronic cigarette is that it can become dirty and clogged up after a while. It can also be a real challenge to clean it off without damaging it. The small size of the atomizer can also make it fragile in some cases. This is where the Green Smoke cigarette can be more beneficial. The atomizer is implanted in the cartridge and cannot be easily removed. This is a unique design that is currently patent pending. There’s no need to worry about trying to screw on an atomizer before getting a cartridge screwed onto the battery. All a user has to do is simply unscrew an old cartridge and then screw a new one on when the cartridge has to be replaced. This is a very simple process that will not be too much of a challenge to handle. Every single cartridge will also feel fresh because the atomizer has been built in. This is a benefit that will give anyone the full flavor that can come out of a cartridge. The best part about getting this feature to work in Green Smoke cartridges is that there is no need to have to buy separate atomizers. It can cost about five to ten dollars to get a spare atomizer over time. In fact, it can be a challenge to find some spare atomizers for some cigarettes because they are not made as often as the main batteries or cartridges for cigarettes. This is a great thing to see in any Green Smoke review. The two part design of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette makes it more effective than what could be found elsewhere. It is much easier to work with this design than with another kind of electronic cigarette. 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