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Business In the recent years, Web application software programs have been widely accepted in multiple software application areas and user segments because of the benefits, ease of licensing, meeting client specific needs and minimal investment requirements. At an enterprise or business level, the applications that are widely in use are Human Resource Management Software (HRMS Software), CRM Software, ERP Applications, Accounting, Inventory Management, Students Information and Operation management software in Educational Institutions, Hospital Management Software systems and so on. Though most of the applications can be perceived as an ERP in business needs, the software apps have been developed by companies keeping in mind the specific industry& business domain needs. The software as a service can also be used in the government and public interactions; for example application sites like tax payments, utility bill payments, demographic data collection like working men, nature of service and so on. The SaaS finds electoral use in updating public information for polling purposes and so on. The information would benefit both the government authorities and the general public in handling the information. The application would seek integrated information management, features and modules with robust data handling capacity. This will significantly improve the planning of the progress, forecasting public works and related demographical needs. Since internet brings the ease and convenience along with the reach it has in penetrating the farther or the remote locations; it enables data management and planning from a remote location through proper data capturing and reporting mechanisms. Hospital management, patient health recording mechanism helps in gathering the general data about a particular disease and research upon the data to find solutions, taking precautionary measures, steps to improve the health conditions. Though the above information sounds simple, it has appreciable implications in improvements. The hurdles that an enterprise or a public authority might face in implementing saas applications to record data and forecast based on the data are: Resistance to disclose data like financial information, health conditions and demographic information Approval problems due to general public problems Logistics in implementation of the strategy Uncertainty in anticipated effectiveness, efficiency and result of the system implementation on improvements Some of the primary areas or segments that can be looked upon to implement SaaS solutions are: Data capturing for Market Research, Polls and Forecasting for a product / service. Scientific Research ideas exchange Socializing and Social Media Platforms Public works ideas planning and implementation. With growing internet usage, reach of personal computing, increased technical capabilities of search engines and absorption of web technology; web based applications is placed comfortably to grow as a sustainable service applications. The related IT solutions development would complement the development of SaaS and its benefits. Some of the catalyzing IT technologies could be internet banking, mobile technology, payment gateways; internet security applications and so on. In India, recently NASSCOM (The National Software Solutions Companies Association) took the initiative to launch a directory of emerging companies in SaaS in India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: